Ripperton - Ordine Gigante EP

by Irina Kotik

Mano Le Tough, The Drifter and Baikal are masterminds behind the German record label Maeve. The Maeve Team has been consistently releasing beautifully crafted records that slay you on the dance floor, then stick in your mind for days after.

With this EP, Maeve welcomes back incredibly talented Swiss producer Raphael Ripperton who by using an elegant and emotional approach to dance music continues to impress with each and every release.

Entitled ‘Ordine Gigante’, this EP finds Ripperton developing two intricate and spacey soundscapes that range from delicate and dreamy to haunting and ethereal.

The opening track ‘Ordine Gigante’ unfolds with monastic patience, creating a sophisticated magnetic atmosphere. The perfect late night experience, this tune is delicate in its loop progression and exquisite with its melodic pads and sinuous synths imbuing the deep floating bass line with real emotion.

The second original cut of this release, ‘Isola’, is a sublime, fragile and sheer melancholic beauty filled with deep feeling and quite grace. Its muscular groove, gentle sadness of wavering synths, haunting melody and white waves of distortion build to goose bump proportions over the course of its nine minute deeply emotional voyage.

‘Ordine Gigante’ EP is a stellar effort to close out Maeve’s incredible year on a high note.