Interview with Sebo & Madmotormiquel

Sebo and Madmotormiquel from URSL were kind enough to take the time to sit down with us and answer a few questions in anticipation of their show this Saturday at House of Yes - Northern Lights.

Thanks for taking the time to speak to us. To start things off, you started the label URSL along with Soukie and Windish. What inspired this decision and how did you guys all meet?

We know each other for quite a long time now. After many festivals and parties we partied together and became close friends. We finally wanted to found a label. Only doing festivals and club nights wasn’t enough for us ;) We met when Soukie & Windish booked us in 2007 for their party in Bremen.

You two also have relationships with many other labels, including KaterMukke, Under Your Skin and Night Grooves, just to name a few. How do you decide which content to release on your own label, and which to send to others? How do you select which artists will release on the label?

Well there are many more labels all of us release on, but not all of them are very close to us.

Katermukke is really close because Dirty Doering is a good friend, and we are all kind of residents at Kater Blau. We always get a lot of demos from people wanting to release on our label, and usually all 4 for us decide which artist is going to released. But we definitely try to figure out that the artists fit personally and music-wise.

For us it's really important to work with artists we can become friends with.

What brought you two together as the duo Sebo & Madmotormiquel? 

Actually, Madmotormiquel was playing on a birthday party around 10 years ago where we got to know each other. After that we Skyped a lot and talked much about vinyls which we both bought. We both bought nearly the same records and so we started to play together.

Sebo, you just released “Scary Things” on URSL. Tell us what you had in mind for this EP?

Well, in case of the title track, I wanted to bring up that there are right now a lot of scary things going around - all over the world. We have the refugee crisis, in Germany a real problem with the “AFD“-party, you guys have now Trump land and so on. So I probably just want to bring up that everyone of us should think and do something about these scary things!

Madmotormiquel, how did your previous taste in classic punk rock and hip hop evolve into your taste for deeper melodic house music? Was this a common theme in Berlin?

I was really a music nerd when I grew up and collected records for 20 years. I got about 10000 records at home....started with ska, punk-rock, hardcore, metal, hip hop, but then also a lot of funk, soul and 70’s rock and singer songwriter stuff...

When we grew up as young skaters, it was really normal to listen to a lot of different styles. But even nowadays my taste in electronic music varies a lot. I never liked djs that can't handle different situations. I think a good dj should be able to play the right music for the moment. Nothing worse than a dj that opens the night with 130bpm dark techno or whatever...;)

When I was really developing a taste for house music a few years back living in Paris, one song I immediately gravitated to was “Boys Boys” released on Katermukke.  I was listening to the set by Ame and Coeur & Nathan Oye at the Wide Gallery in Brussels on my way to work every day, and this was my favorite track. Can you tell me a bit about how you were inspired to make this track and how it came together with the vocals?

This track was and edit and we couldn’t clear the samples in the end.

It was only 4 weeks online and we had 3.500 download in this time, but the original band didn’t like remixes at all.

So we had to take the track offline even they made quite good money with it ;)

So not even universal could get the rights to release the remix with us, which might have been good for us in the end because then you are always reduced to this one edit you released.

Does your style change when playing in the USA vs Berlin?

Of course not :)

What do you have in store for us for this Saturday?

We don't know what to expect, so let's see what the night brings and we will try to make a great party out of it :)