Track Of The Moment

by Irina Kotik

Cult techno powerhouse Giegling is set to end 2016 on a major high note. The Weimar-based collective will be releasing their very special long-awaited compilation that is without a doubt one of the finest emotionally-driven releases to grace techno lovers and electronic music connoisseurs this year. The new 14-track collection, entitled "Mind Over Matter", features Vril, Map.ache, Edward, Leafar Legov, DJ Metatron, among other incredibly talented producers from the enigmatic label. Smallville's Paris correspondent Jacques Bon also contributed a stunning track.

One of the most anticipated tunes on the compilation is DJ Metatron's utterly gorgeous, chill-inducing "State Of Me". Giegling mystery man DJ Metatron, also known as Traumprinz and Prince of Denmark is a master of creating moods and emotions rarely felt on the dance floor.

Hovering between a deeply emotional ocean of broken beat rhythms and delicate musical ambiance, the elegant and powerful "State of Me” combines a longing reality with an emergent nostalgia. DJ Metatron demonstrates his transcendent talent with this incredible masterpiece.

Label: Giegling 
Released: 11.07.2016