Neil Flynn - J.E.N. EP

by Irina Kotik

"Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears from the eyes of woman."
- Ludwig van Beethoven

Dedicated to high-quality, cutting-edge productions, the Lossless label continues to build on their exceptional year with the stunning “J.E.N” EP by Neil Flynn. The Irish producer returns to the stylish imprint with a masterfully crafted package of two original cuts, and a beautifully twisted remix by Trikk showcasing elegance, style, and power. 

The EP starts off with the gorgeous title track “J.E.N.”, which features Dublin-based indie-folk singer Katie Kim. The shimmering percussion-driven tune is brought to life by Kim's mesmerizing, silky vocals, and a haunting hint of tribal vibes. This magical melodic journey has the power to seduce the listener's mind and stimulate senses on the dance-floor.  

Portuguese-born, London-based producer Trikk has forged his place in the underground house music scene with his bass heavy, drum-focused sound. Trikk stamps his electronic signature on the goosebump-inducing track with his rework "J.E.N" (Trikk Selva Densa Mix). Trikk’s version grooves along with Kim's haunting vocals, mysterious tribal percussions, and spherical synth patterns. The remix is a true example of the artist's remarkable talent and a sign of a star on the rise. 

The closing track on the EP “Shadows" continues the thrilling and hypnotically intense journey. The sonic principals and key elements of this tune are reminiscent of “J.E.N”, adding a beautifully twisted rhythm, hauntingly discordant mood, and spiraling synth melody. “Shadows" is a magnetic DJ tool that can be played as a transition track from warm up to a peak time. 

With incredibly creative and intricately arranged production, "J.E.N" displays the wide spectrum of Neil Flynn's adept musicianship, and marks another outstanding release from a record label in full stride.