Krink - Two Sides EP

by Irina Kotik

Germany has always been a consistent platform for an innovative and engrossing techno nurturing fertile underground music scene, and Berlin-based creative mind Krink is set to cement that reputation. 
Bringing the future to the present, the incredibly talented producer will take his listeners on a genre-spanning and forward thinking psycho-penetrating journey with his new “Two sides” EP to be released through URSL imprint on November 28.
This immensely powerful EP features four masterfully crafted deep, cinematic and hypnotic techno cuts.

The record starts out with “Transit”, a warehouse-ready dance floor destroyer, which is relentlessly driven from start to finish by its wealth of pulsating high hats and machine rhythms, atmospheric percussive elements and sounds that are framed by methodically knocking beats zigzagging around the listener's mind leaving euphoria in its place. Krink masterfully created a sci-fi-esque soundscape that blurs the lines between hydraulic underground techno and cinematic soundtracks of independent film.

Combining a raw and industrial aesthetic with groovy rhythms, moody atmospheres and ominous soundscapes, the sophomore track, ’Two Sides’, pushes through clouds of tension while edgy, distorted bells invades into the tune giving its listeners a glimpse into the apocalyptic feel of the EP.

’The Return’ hits with an unrelenting intensity and magnum force, and the result is a mesmerizingly impressive effort that intertwines dark, hypnotic atmospheres with mind-melting grooviness and elegant emotional twist. 

Closing track ‘Bowery’ is a stunning, irresistible and adrenaline-drenched darkroom techno. Anchored by a throbbing and powerful kick-drum, ominous synth infused with dense elements and hypnotic backgrounds, it’s a rolling murky tune that takes its listener’s mind for a ride.

The “Transit" EP is work of a techno artisan proving that Krink is quite the powerhouse managing to bring out signature techno elements to create a more innovative twist. 
With this work, Krink continues establishing his unique sound and building a solid foundation that is sure to be appreciated by fans and music connoisseurs.