Track Of The Moment

by Irina Kotik

Without any doubt Love Over Entropy is an incredibly talented and charismatic producer with an innovative, cutting-edge vision. The Dutchman is a supreme alchemist of the musical realm, transmuting everything he touches into the purest gold. 

The microCastle label has unveiled the monster track featured in Áme’s Playground 2016 set at Studio Brussel a couple of weeks ago. Love Over Entropy's fascinating interpretation of Fabio Montana's "Ortygia" is a hypnotically dynamic expression of his ability to create a powerful and magnetic beauty in many forms. Centered around rhythmic percussion layered with sparkling synth stabs and a shifting appreciated melody, this sonically refined dancefloor masterpiece will take any DJ set to the next level.

"Ortygia" was released through microCastle on December 9th.