Track Of The Moment

by Dorian Goldman

Patlac, no stranger to FictionLab, has been hard at work in the studio this year. Having only been a couple of months since the release of his fantastic EP, Velox, Patlac has delivered a powerful remix of Guido Custaini’s “Turn Out Alone”.

This track epitomizes something we consider to be a particular talent of Patlac’s -  the ability to tell a story through a complex synergy and organization of ideas, constructed from a rich and diverse landscape of sounds. 

The most reoccurring element of Guido’s original track is a trumpet based stab which provides an upbeat and playful tone. While a pad during the breakdown adds some edginess, and a dash of melancholy, the track remains positive and optimistic.

Patlac re-tells the story of Guido from a dramatically different perspective. By reworking the trumpet stab into a psychedelic analogue of the original, and adding an organ based pad throughout the track, he significantly darkens the tone. It’s as if he saw the same events transpire as in Guido’s original concept, but in a dystopian future in which the listener is aware of more than his story leads us to believe. 

Overall Patlac has created a beautiful remix of Turn Out Alone, and we expect music lovers to be “Turning Out” in large numbers to listen to this one on repeat for some time to come.