Best New Releases from January 2016

by Irina Kotik

2016 is set off to a great start and continue carrying over the hypnotic vibes that were woven into a sonic magic carpet of 2015. January has offered a high quality music from all corners of the globe from San Paulo to Berlin to New York City.   
We selected top 10 tracks from incredibly talented producers such as Finnebassen, Robag Wruhme, Jonas Saalbach, Muui, Roman Flugel, Eagles and Butterflies, Zopelar, Paul Twin, Kris Davis, Bedouin amongst others for you to enjoy.

Tracks listed below are in no particular order...


Norwegian producer Finnebassen is back on Noir Music’s subsidiary label, NM2, with an official release of “Rotundo”, which was debuted in one of his sets almost 18 month ago. The title track is an intrinsic fusion of beauty, dark intense undertones and harmonic bell patterns enriched by modulated, ethereal synths. 

Here is what the artist is intend to say about this tune:
"Well its 1,5 years ago since i made this track on long night in Ibiza with one of my best friends! We sat and had fun with the bell pattern and upped the tempo one bpm after another.”


Bedouin have taken the world by storm with their numinous and shamanic sound influenced by Middle Eastern heritage. Released as part of the 'Ride into the unknown' EP, 'Hologram' is thriving on a slightly offbeat rhythm and intersperses a mystical vibe to the listener as the track unfolds its story. 

Crossfrontier Audio

2016 looks set to be a very exciting year for Berlin based producer and Paranoid Dancer label boss, MUUI, who is about to release a gorgeous, sonically intriguing and highly imaginative album entitled ‘Following Today’ displaying a great potential for an incredibly bright future within the electronic music scene. The bonus track from the forthcoming album, ‘Vrijeme’, is an intelligently crafted and musically astute journey into unknown.

Eagles and Butterflies
Exit Strategy

Highly anticipated release from Dixon's Boiler Room set at Dekmantel  festival last year finally was released on Exit Strategy.  Eagles and Butterflies has created a true momentum in this upbeat, groovy and percussion-dominated atmospheric deep house tune.

In Their Feelings

Distributer of the celebrated German imprint Innervisions, Muting the Noise, has the freshly-inaugurated record label, ‘In their Feelings’, to hit the electronic music scene. ‘Hamato’ EP is the debut release presented by incredibly talented Brazilian musician and producer, Pedro Zopelar, who has been smashing dancefloors in style. ‘Piramidal’ is an atmospheric, driving, fun romp under the tropical, acid-tinged rain through techno Mardi Gras closing track from an absolutely stunning EP. 

‘Falling’ – Robag’s Uppa Baash Remix

Dutch duo Cubicolor will bring their warm, indie-leaning sophisticated sound to Edu Imbernon's label Fayer. 

The first single, “Falling”, from the upcoming debut album which is going to be released on Anjunadeep is packaged with a remix by German anthem-maker, Robag Wruhme who offers a masterful interpretation of the original. 

Paul Twin
'White Island’
Nous'klaer Audio

Nothing gets more exciting than discovering an extremely talented new artist. Paul Twin is hailing from a mythical white island in Adriatic sea where he was playing live sets for over ten years.

For his debut release entitled "White Island" on Nous'klaer Audio, Paul Twin is gently establishing his melodic with a touch of melancholy sound. 

Spacey textures in the title track, 'A White Island', are merged seamlessly with ambient atmospherics and a strong sense of melody to create this elegant timeless tune. 

Teenage Mutants & Jonas Saalbach
Click Records

Berlin-based producer Jonas Saalbach is teaming up with Teenage Mutants to bring a sumptuous ‘Elision’ EP to Amsterdam based Click Records. 

The title track offers an elegant journey, with a twist, that displays a haunting quality by combining natural elements and electronically generated waves of diverse sound, driving bass line and slightly enraged piano chords.

Jacek Sienkiewicz
'Drifting'  Roman Flügel Remix
Recognition Records

In 2015, Poland’s veteran producer Jacek Sinkiewicz presented his fifth full-length release and the second on his Warsaw-based  label Recognition. His records have been strongly supported and played by the legendary artists such as Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin, Sven Väth, Uwe Schmidt among others. 

“Drifting”, a track from the album comes with two remixes by two superior artists Roman Flügel and  Ricardo Villalobos.

Roman Flügel creates a slightly darker and widescreen atmosphere with an intricate coldness and sheer ambient elegance.

Kris Davis
Connaisseur Recordings

An Offenbach-based Connaisseur Recordings starts off 2016 with the sixth edition of the Living RoomTechno series. LTR6 release is featuring four cuts from Kris Davis, Francesco Chiocci & Black Soda, Death On The Balcony, Astrea. 

As they describe, “LTR6 is the extract of our 6th edition of Livingroom Techno, our yearly collection of winterish and cozy tunes for dancing on bearskins in front of the fireside”.

Portmouth producer, Kris Davis, explores music that covers a broad spectrum of moods and grooves, while always delivering something infectiously fresh. “Petroleum” is a mighty journey into a universe made of a whole pallet of a heavily Moog-driven textures and arrangements.