Track of the Moment

David August - J.B.Y

Akin to an architect David Nattkemper who is known better by his stage name David August always manages to guide his listeners through the most complex of feelings using intricate and graceful musical journeys glistening with chord drenched elegance. After making a splash with the soaring masterpiece “Epikur” in 2014 on Innervisions, he is coming back with an impressive new two track EP “'Ouvert”, making its debut via Ninja Tune’s Counter records later this month.

The first of two tracks ‘J.B.Y', is a hauntingly spellbinding slice of electronic beauty. Gorgeous melancholic textures seamlessly merge with ambient atmospherics and etherial sense of harmony to create this admirable work of art.  

Here is what Counter’s press release has to say about about ‘J.B.Y’: "This isn’t house music, this isn’t the clubs, this isn’t the places August has been hitherto. ‘J.B.Y.’ resolves not with an explosive “moment” but with delicately beautiful Erased Tapes-esque piano introspection and the evocation of tape-hiss drenched ambience.

"The second track, “Ouvert,” will hit shelves in digital format at the end of March.

LABEL: Counter Records
RELEASE: 2016-03-04