Jonas Saalbach - Atar EP

Following the success of the impressive full length album 'Ancient Lakes' released last October, the impressively talented German producer Jonas Saalbach comes back strong with another undoubtedly elegant and sonically diverse "Atar" EP,  set to be released via Moodmusic Records on April 29.

The beautifully hypnotic two-track EP is showcasing a producer who has fine-tuned his craft. With this release he has created a melting pot of soulful-yet-euphoric atmospheres and exploratory sound, covering a broad spectrum of moods from breathtakingly dreamy to groovy. 

Dazzlingly intricate and highly imaginative "Atar", glides seamlessly between fleeting pads, driving bass loops, and gently vibrating piano chords while mixing hazy nostalgia with the dancefloor oriented grooves.
The gorgeous and sophisticated textures enhance the ponderous harmonic soundscapes, building a strongly brooding multidimensional impression.

The flip side, "Sapphire", is a refined composition of cinematic and rich soundscapes blending with a meditative touch of a mysteriously melancholic nature. 
The melodic content and harmonies are quite strong; the sweeping and airy pads, echoing vocals, and powerful bass line develop warm, organic patterns upon which soaring synths build a delightfully twisted tension.

With a captivating, diverse and hypnotically engrossing sound that oozes exceptional talent, the highly prolific producer is set for yet another amazing year.