Best Mixes from April 2016

April blossomed with the advent of a new stunning listenings from FictionLab favorites: Pablo Bolivar, Love Over Entropy, Mattheis, Fred P, Jon Charnis, Adriatique, Krink, Mano Le Tough, Sebastian Voigt, Lord Of The Isles, Christopher Rau, Mario Aureo, Âme & Dixon, Etapp Kyle, MUUI, Alex Niggemann, Clarian, Anton Dhouran and Trikk.

Pablo Bolivar  - Moodmusic Radioshow 56

One of the most respectable Spanish producers and Seven Villas label boss, Pablo Bolivar, brings us the latest edition of Moodmusic’s Radioshow. Accompanied by a strong mesmeric groove and gorgeously haunting, electric flow, this mix is a beautiful representation of the deep house genre.

In2Deep & Fulltone - Vine of the soul (Powel Remix)
Isolee - Allowance
Atjazz & Jullian Gomes - Out Of My Life (feat. Bucie) -Dub-
Pezzner - Power Rockin 97x
Eric Ericksson - Yuki (Dj Tipz remix)
Pablo Sanchez - All you need
Medlar - All one machine
Atjazz - For Real (Charles Webster Reversion 2)
Vince Watson - Aurelon
Dubspeeka - K308
Ethyl – Kuju


Love Over Entropy  - SoHaSo podcast 15

One of our favorite producers, Dutch craftsman, Love Over Entropy, made a podcast for the SoHaSo label. We enjoyed listening to LOE’s incredibly crafted live sets and his original stunning production, but this time LOE delivers a DJ mix featuring tracks by Matthias Schober, Petar Dundov and Chymera to name few. Perfectly crafted build up and breath-taking melodies will make this mix your perfect companion for a spring river walk!


1. Practopia - Redcell (A.R.T.)
2. Outland3 - Dubspeeka (Skeleton)
3. Solar tears - Gisberto (Amateur Collecteur)
4. For the rest (Mathias Schober remix) - Black 80s (Freerange)
5. Canavan Calling - Chymera (Ovum)
6. Winterland (Petar Dundov edition) - Kurt Baggaley (Chapter24)
7. Blue grey green“ (Discodromo Remix) - Indoor Life (Compost Disco)
8. Carmonna - Philipp Stoya (Compost Black Label)
9. Clusterfuck - Barker & Baumecker (Omnidisc)
10. Things of glass - Oaktree (PIAS)
11. Glömde (Love over Entropy remix) - Nandu (Off)
12. ID
13. Energy - Newworldaquarium (New religion)

Mattheis at De Marktkantine, Amsterdam

Matthijs Verschuure, a.k.a. Mattheis, is a producer hailing from Rotterdam, Holland. He gained respect from producers and music connoisseurs around the world with his exceptionally original productions and superb live performances. This mix is a live recording of Mattheis’s closing set at Nous’klaer Audio Showcase at De Marktkantine in Amsterdam. A techno influenced, well crafted set, that will take its listeners on a powerful journey, interweaving the hypnotic melodies.

Fred P  - Fact mix 511

Our local hero Fred P always takes us to such beautiful places both with his unique production and versatile DJ mixes. Fred P has been on NYC house scene for more than a decade, and he has five albums behind him, either as Fred P or as his more popular moniker, Black Jazz Consortium. This mix is upbeat NY house at its best. It was recorded in Berlin’s Dark Flow Studios for FACT magazine and this is what Fred said about this mix: ‘ I used two Technics 1200s and one CDJ for the last track, and a Pioneer mixer and effects module,” he tells us. “There was no method really, just weeks of pulling records to find the right ones that capture a particular vibe. I hope everyone enjoys this mix as much as I enjoyed putting it together. It’s not perfect but it’s perfect in its imperfection thus making it timeless. Peace, love and respect.’

Jon Charnis – Foxcast 14

In last couple of years Jon Charnis has taken electronic music scene by storm. His excellent production gained support from the biggest players in the game, and it’s been released on labels such as Innervisions, Connoisseur, No.19 to name a few.
This utterly gorgeous mix was recorded as a promo material for his outstanding Cityfox debut in NYC a few weeks ago. Deep, sexy and exotic, with tracks by The Drifter, David August, Clavis, Danny Daze and others, this mix will take you from Black Rock desert to beach in Tulum to dark warehouse in Brooklyn in a glance. Definitely the artist to keep eye on!

Trikk – The Sound Of Connaiseaur Radio Show

One of Portugal’s finest producers, London-based Trikk has been lately smashing dancefloors across the globe. His upcoming, impressively addictive track ‘Photo Rhyt’,to be released via Losseless, will definitely be making its way to reach the top tracks of 2016. Trikk unleashes deep, enchanting fire in this powerful mix.


Adriatique at Loveland Festival 2015

Hailing from Switzerland, the majestic duo Adriatique headlines the world’s biggest festivals, and this mix shows why. Recorded live at a very popular festival in Amsterdam’s Sloterpark – Loveland, in August 2015 but released just a few weeks ago, this mix still sounds very fresh. With tracks from Efdemin, Human Machine, &Me and Petar Dundov to name a few, this mix is full of big-stage bangers and epic, Adriatique style, build-ups that make crowd jump and scream at almost every festival they play.

Krink – Beatverliebt #35

Phillip Krink, better known by his last name and moniker Krink, is a young German producer and DJ who is gaining more and more attention with every new release he produces and every party he plays. Mix starts with a jazzy influenced break-beat track but what comes next is a very different with a twist journey. Powerful tech-house, techno and acid take over the mix with a physical power of a peak time at your favorite club. Tracks by Nico Purman, Jack Pattern, Eagles & Butterflies, Rod and Levon Vincent among others will make this vibrant and versatile voyage a must listen. 

Mano Le Tough – BIS Radioshow #829

Tim Sweeney’s radio show Beats in Space has been hosting the biggest and most popular names from electronic music scene for 17 years. BIS show gives its guests the opportunity to play a different style than when they play in nightclubs. For this installment, Tim invited Maeve label boss Mano Le Tough, who was on his North American tour in April. Nothing less than expected from one of the most popular DJ’s in the world nowadays, Mano takes us to a mind-melting journey of what a true deep house sounds like. Tracks from our favorite labels such as Permanent Vacation, Compost, Uncanny Valley and Mule Music will make you go listen this mix over and over again. Mano never disappoints with his impeccable selection of tracks. This mix is definitely one of our favorite mixes of April. 

1. Simon12345 & The Lazer Twins - Root - Holger Records
2. Stimming - Alpe Lusia - Diynamic
3. - - 
4. - - 
5. Len Leise - El Modelo (Gilb'R Remix) - International Feel
6. Siren - Paradise (Siren Remix)- Compost Records
7. Phil Kieran - Bomb - Skint
8. Panthera Krause - Umami - Uncanny Valley
9. Suzanne Kraft - DJ Safety Track - Inverted Audio
10. Soul Capsule - Lady Science (NYC Sunrise) -Trelik
11. Adam Marshall - Vamping -New Kanada
12. Lawrence - Blue Mountain - Mule Musique
13. Mano Le Tough - Energy Flow (DJ Koze Remix) - Permanent Vacation
14. Pedestrian - Simple Minded At Dawn - Circadian Rhythms

Sebastian Voigt – Muting the Noise

Sebastian Voigt is a new name that caught our attention with his release of ‘Capitao Pinto’ on Brazilian imprint ‘In their feelings’. He made this podcast for Berlin’s record shop ‘Muting The Noise’ ran by  Âme and Dixon. This driving and moody mix showcases Sebastian’s undeniable DJ talent that will definitely help him to build a solid reputation in the electronic music scene. We’re looking forward to hearing more from this incredibly talented German producer.

Lord of The Isles – Subculture mix

Mysterious Scottish producer Neil McDonald, better known as Lord Of The Isles, has marked his spot on electronic music scene with a unique sound that masterfully blends dance floor techno with acid and deep house. This exclusive mix was made as a promo material for a party at Sub Club in Glasgow. It features tracks from Red Axes, Dorisburg, Mr.Fingers as well as some of Neil’s unreleased tunes beautifully packed in a mix of acid house and italo-disco.

Christopher Rau – Melbourne Podcast 151

Christopher Rau is a German producer and DJ who built his reputation with releases on some of the best underground house and techno record labels such as Smallville, Giegling and Pampa to name a few. This incredibly powerful mix represents Christopher’s recognizable style that blends house and techno with analog acid and dub sounds along with vinyl style mixing. True German underground sound!
A few words from Christopher himself about this mix: "I was just playing the new stuff that i bought and some recently bought second hand records. And then there are some unreleased tracks from 777 recordings.. Ron Wilson's label, Qnete!!! and a record that should be mentioned is the 60 Miles one.. Persian Moon!!! Amazing track. 60 Miles .. always in the bag. Plus an extra copy."

Mario Aureo – Mohrecast 015

Germany has been a never-ending source of super talented house and techno producers. Another perfect example is Mario Aureo, the producer that has been releasing moody and breathtakingly melodic deep and tech house on labels such as Moodmusic, Ritter Butzke Studio and Soulfooled among others. This masterfully crafted mix is an ear candy for all fans of deep and melodic house. Tracks by Nico Stojan, Frink, Just Her and Felkon will hold your attention from start to finish of this mix.

Âme and Dixon – Essential Mix

One of the most awaited Essential Mixes in 2016 came from house connoisseurs and Innervisions label bosses Steffen Berkhahn better known as Dixon and Kristian Beyer a.k.a  Âme. As always expectations were high and German duo didn’t disappoint.
They presented a lots of new unreleased and unknown dance floor bombs as well as bringing-back-to -life tracks that went under the radar but all deserved recognition after this mix got released. Enjoy two hours of a truly special mix that will make you listen it over and over again.


Drugs & Château Flight - Brain On Drugs (Chateau Flight Dub) [Kraked Recordings] 
Unknown - Untitled [White Label] 
Dorisburg - Insvept [Hivern Disc] 
Phillipi & Rodrigo - Karma [Deewee] 
Laolu - OFantasma (Kadebostan Tigercity Part 3 Edit) [Clap Your Hands] 
Unknown -Untitled [White Label] 
Theremynt - Vampiros Disco (Club Bizarre Version) [Neopren] 
Frak - Syntfrilla [Sex Tags Mania] 
Unknown - Untitled [White Label] 
Christian Vinci - Ingoma [Nulu] 
Unknown - Untitled [White Label] 
Lazaros - GE [Subclub] 
ZK Bucket - Let Your Body Control The Beat (Drifter Mix) [ZAUN] 
Isaac Tichauer - Higher Level (Bicep Mix) [LOFT] 
Unknown - Untitled [White Label] 
Mano Le Tough -Energy Flow (DJ Koze Mix) 
]Stimming - 22 Degree Halo [DiynamicMusic] 
Unknown - Untitled [White Label] 
Arttu - Inna Parte [4lux] 
Unknown - Untitled [White Label] 
Johannes Riegner - Hilbert Space [TheHealing Company] 
Mr. Fingers - Qwazars [Alleviated Records]

Etapp Kyle – XLR8R podcast 430

Etapp Kyle, Ukranian DJ and producer, has been a staple to Ben Clock’s imprint Klockworks in the past few years. Deep and dub techno releases gained a well-deserved respect for this super talented producer. With an hour of mesmerizing deep and brooding techno, this stunning mix perfectly represents Etapp’s incredibly unique style in both DJing and music production. 

MUUI – Paranoid Grooves 25

Patrick Carrera, a.k.a MUUI, is one of the rising stars on the melodic techno and house scene. Originally from Australia but based in Berlin, this fantastic producer doesn’t stop to impress us with his outstanding productions. After MUUI caught our attention with a few incredibly gorgeous releases and remixes, including the 11-track LP ‘Following Today’ released via Marc Poppcke’s Crossfrontier Audio label, he proved to be an exceptional quality producer.
This well crafted mix is a two-hour mind-bending sonic journey through a deeply melodic and moody house and techno that, in moments, gets very dark but then comes back to light with a beautiful leads and haunting pads.

Alex Niggemann – Mixmag Asia exclusive mix 014

Being on electronic music scene for more than a decade and having releases on Poker Flat, Watergate, Last Night on Earth as well as on his own label Aeon, incredibly talented producer, Alex Niggemann needs no special introduction. Known for uplifting, melodic infused with a dark melancholia house and techno style, Alex fills clubs all over the globe. This exclusive mix for Mixmag Asia shows Alex’s impressively distinctive style in his best. An hour of dance floor ready tracks will transfer you from your office, room or car into the dark club in Berlin in a moment. 

The Untitled Radioshow episode 15 – Smallville Records Special

Hosts of The Untitled Radioshow on KMAH radio in Leeds, Thomas Aky, Ewan Smith and Chris Graham bring us 2 hours of Smallville Records tracks. One of our favorite record labels, Smallville Records, is hailing from Hamburg, Germany. This stylish label embodies the deep, melodic and organic house music. ‘Deep House’ as a genre has been misused and in last couple of years it has lost some of its original meaning, but Smallville’s sound showcases to what true, real deep house sounds like.
Each of three hosts in this show picked their favorites from Smallville records and compiled them in three mini-mixes. The final product is two-hours of an unforgettable and powerfully engaging deep house mix from this lovely label. Press play and enjoy!

Clarian  - Balance Selection 021

More on the chill-out side, this leftfield/italo-disco style mix by Clarian will be your perfect after hour companion. Clarian made this gorgeous mix as a podcast for Melbourne’s Balance selection series. Beautiful and elegant journey from start to finish.

Anton Dhouran – Telling Tales 023

Liverpool based Chapter 24 Records has emerged as one of the most promising new labels in 2015 and they are continuing the trend of releasing high-quality productions from both newcomers and well known producers around the globe in 2016. Their ‘Telling Tales’ series gives opportunity to one of their remixers or headliners to tell the story in sound. This time Chapter 24 hosts a young and talented producer from France, Anton Dhouran, who released two of his tracks on the latest ‘Seven Stories’ compilation. This mix is a wonderfully melodic and emotionally deep house fairy tale.