Track of the Moment *FREE DOWNLOAD*

by Irina Kotik

A versatile music composer by training and trade, Justin Marchacos, has made his name as the talented producer whose music captures a vast array of emotions through the sounds, ideas, moods, concepts and spaces. After a more than impressive debut on Zurich-based Cityfox imprint, he delivers a hauntingly beautiful, dark with a twist reworking of astounding Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sounds Of Silence” classic soundtrack from the infamous movie, “The Graduate”, for its listeners to download for free. 
"Hello Darkness", inspired by the haunting opening lines of the "The Sounds Of Silence", immerse the listener into realm of deep and dark melodic sounds with eerie vocals, slightly distorted pulsating synths swinging in and out of dissonance and infectious bass line. Justin Marchacos masterfully twists the original into a beautifully haunting, moodier and  more euphoric cut that will surely create a special moments on the dance floor. 

We are happy to share this stunning re-work as a free download! 

Vocal credit: Krossmen A Cappella
Mastering: Abe Duque