Track of the Moment

by Irina Kotik

Originally released in 2011 through Gerd Janson's Running Back label, Todd Terje's classic "Snooze 4 Love" ( along with Ragysh)  was as one of the label's pivotal moments. 
Five years later, this stunning tune is getting an impressive revision by a house music magician Dixon and talented Luke Abbott. 
With a sheer passion and  deep emotions, Gerd Janson is writing about a new and creative spin of this "still fresh as a daisy" tune:
"I write these lines with tears. Tears of joy and tears of regret. Joy, because Todd Terje's 2011 release "Ragysh" on Running Back is still one of my labels' pivotal moments – thanks to Terje of course. Regret, because its flips side "Snooze 4 Love" experiences a new dawn via Terje's own Olsen Records – and what a repetition it is. The morning dew is courtesy of Dixon and Luke Abbott, who both puts their respectively unique touch to the original's 8 minute and 8 second long lesson in blissful weightlessness – a true Terjerine dream if there ever was one. That image is precisely where Border Community mainstay Abbott adds his brush and easel to. Ambient, inventive and absorbing Abbott's remix creates something like a fourth dimension to it. So good that it is a perfect start to any day or set. On the other end of the Snooze spectrum, Dixon elbows it in the ribs. First and foremost a DJ, Dixon does what DJs do. He straightens out the thing, loses its fat and makes it fit for his specific dance floor and anyone who is keen to joy. So good that it is a perfect end to any day or set. Damn, I am jealous of this record. 

All that's missing now, is a bonus beat. "
Gerd Janson.

Label: Olsen Records
Release: 07.15.2016