Love Over Entropy - Sea EP

by Irina Kotik

After taking the underground music world by storm in 2015 with the stunning ‘Tonii’ EP via Something Happening Somewhere, along with a number of other releases and remixes on labels such as Lossless, Atomnation, Be Free Recordings, and Off Recordings, the Dutch’s mysterious craftsman, Love Over Entropy, is striking back again with another outstanding EP, entitled “Sea”. 

SoHaSo describes this release as, “Completing the trinity, his Sea EP is a meticulously crafted adventure, full of sound and fury, told by someone foolish enough to pose the question”. 

’Sea’ opens up a poetic and elegant journey in a hypnotic style, masterfully crafting light and translucent musical seascapes. This impressive tune embodies the same ethereal feel, imitating the magical realism described in Ivan Aivazovsky's paintings. With warm and shimmering sounding, hypnotically alluring vocals, energetic rhythm and addictive harmonies that create a calm yet mystic atmosphere, Love Over Entropy perfectly captures the essence of the real sea. 

The beautifully arranged ‘ Worth While’ continues the evocative and cinematic journey, exploring a mysteriously deep sound that is full of raw energy, sonic beauty, and sentiment. Often exploring an ornate sound palette and constant mutating 303 synth lines of acid, this alluring tune also manages to convey a sense of tranquility, bewitching it’s listeners into a highly imaginative experience. 

The concluding track, ‘Finisterre’, has a gracefulness that envelops its listeners as they’re drawn even farther into the magical spell. Subtle arpeggiated melody and richly sculptured textures drift between a deeper layer of intricate rhythms and a lighter surface of joyful warmth, with a touch of fuzzy baseline.

"Sea" EP is remarkably elegant and poetic. It will unquestionably leave its listeners with a lasting impression of this lovely mystical excursion and a musical genius that is Love Over Entropy.