Quarion - Funkhaus Phantoms EP

by Irina Kotik

The immensely talented Berlin based producer, Yanneck Salvo (a.k.a.Quarion) is without a doubt making a name for himself in the international underground electronic music world. His stunning ‘Funkhaus Phantoms’ EP via Ripperton’s intimate Tamed Musiq imprint, continues to impress its listeners with an incredibly rich, intricate and driving sound. The two-track offering has embraced the Swiss artist’s depth of feeling and transformed it into something uniquely melodic and darkly romantic.
Quarion describes this exceptional work as, "Coming out mid-June 2016 on Ripperton's Tamed imprint, this EP contains two of my deepest excursions to date. At the time, I was making music in the Funkhaus, a huge complex that used to be the GDR Radio offices for East Berlin. The building would become rather eerie and spooky during the night, and this would be the time where I would come up with strange and hypnotic tracks such as these…”
The title of the opening track, 'Knocking At The Door Of The Cosmos', perfectly describes its beautifully dark and enigmatic mood. Quarion masterfully keeps the haunting atmospheric sounds and pulls the listener further into a deep, harmonious and twisted synth laden universe.

On the flip side, the mind-bending 'Octagon' is filled with a dusky radiant mystical energy. The subtle yet exhilarating melody, driving arpeggiated synth and magnetically pulsating rhythms, all elegantly swirl into infinity.

 'Funkhaus Phantom' EP is a fine cinematic experience that allows its listeners to enter the realm of intelligent electronic music.