Ripperton - Sidelines EP

by Irina Kotik

The Swiss maestro Ripperton continues his string of top-notch releases by delivering an impressive, sonically astute piece of work, out now on his own Tamed Musiq imprint. There is something magnetic about Ripperton and his elegant, groovy, and intricate productions. Masterfully crafting tunes filled with edge and depth, Rafaël Ripperton hits etherial heights in style with his 'Sidelines' EP.

The three-track EP starts off with the title track 'Sidelines', tipping the focus towards raw, playful synth patterns, and a driving bass line. His captivating harmonies develop into a blissful journey that emits an effortless sense of depth and motion. 

With its exotic and mysterious cache, the elegant and touching 'Armenian Paper' is an utterly gorgeous masterpiece that tears at the heart. This deeply emotional and  powerful composition seizes the listener with the mystic hypnotism of its beats, subtle moog lead, and melancholic melodies to create a mesmerizing effect, immersing the listener in a far-off-world. 

The thread of musical mysticism continues on the B-side with the mind blowing and hypnotizing “Tsukumogami”, a collaboration between Quarion and Ripperton. This composition was inspired by a curious concept in Japanese folklore where animated household objects receive souls after a lifetime of service. “Tsukumogami” perfectly melds this creative concept with hypnotic synth grooves to create a deep and sophisticated tune that imbues listeners with a sense of elegant melancholia and power.

‘Sidelines’ EP is a beautifully poetic work where Ripperton paves his own unique path of artistry, down which the best is yet to come.