Best Mixes from June 2016

Summer is here! Let these mixes be your summer soundtrack. Incredible mixes that range from chill out balearic sounds to peak time club bangers from names such as Madmotormiquel, Chymera, JMII, Sandrino, Dorisburg, Thomas Herb, Alex Smoke, Andre Lodemann, Âme, Finnebassen, Leafar Legov, Mark Barrott, Tsepo, Dominik Eulberg, The Drifter, Naveen G, Panthera Krause, Kurt Baggaley and Archie. Mixes are listed in no particular order.

Madmotormiquel – Beat Verliebt 037

German producer and DJ, Michel Neigenfnd, a.k.a Madmotormiquel, is a well-known name in Berlin’s underground electronic music scene. One of the label bosses of URSL records, he has also had a long run of successful releases on labels such as Mood Music, Katermukke and Ritter Butzke studio.  This deep, dreamy and slightly intense melodic   mix will keep your attention from the first to the last beat.  

Thomas Herb - SoHaSo podcast vol 16

Lossless is one of the labels that consistently impress us with each release. From the very first release of Anthony Georges Patrice’s ‘Parallel Romance’, to the latest one from Trikk – Internacional EP, Lossless continues to present forward thinking music from incredibly talented artists such as Love Over Entropy, The Drifter, SBTH, to just a name few. SBTH is a moniker for Show B (Matthias Schober) and Thomas Herb, the duo that runs the label. Both artists are great DJs, extremely talented producers, and are responsible for all good things that surround the Lossless label. This mix is a part of the SoHaSo podcast and shows Thomas Herb’s undeniable talent to take the listener through a beautifully crafted melodic journey. This mix has it all - the perfect opening sequence by Four Tet and Dorisburg, which slowly develops into a peak time on a dance floor feeling with tracks from Trevino, Aera and Konstantin Sibold, to a mesmerizing closing melodies by Fatima Yamaha.

Chymera- Balance selection 22

Chymera is no stranger to the underground music scene. He’s been releasing great records on labels such as Ovum, Cocoon, Kompakt, Connaisseur and My Favorite Robot, just to name a few. Best known for his deep style, Chymera seamlessly transforms house and techno tunes into a hypnotic voyage. This balance series mix was made for the Melbourne based record company, Balance Music. It is a great representation of Chymera’s original style, combining deep techno arrangements with organic sounds and snares, that will take the listener to another world.

JMII – The Ransom Note Mix

Jami Bassols, or JMII, is a producer that caught our attention with his release last year on Barcelona’s label, NVH. After his amazing release this past month, entitled “Thrills”, on John Talabot’s Hivern Disc label, JMII is back in the limelight again. This gorgeous package contains the original production, and stunning remixes by John Talabot and Christan S. British internet portal, The Ransom Note, asked JMII for an exclusive mix, and he delivered a great 1hr journey which is perfect for a car ride, reading, or chilling with friends after a good party. JMII describes the creation of this mix as: “I recorded this one on my studio. It’s the third version. First version was too dark and difficult and the second one was a little bit too mad. I like this final version because it represents what one of my Dj sets on a club would look like nowadays. Although I’ve been enjoying some more mental music lately I always try to stay away from too-smooth mixes by playing some unexpected and non-protocolary material. That and finding my own perspective is something I also try to apply when making music. Staying away from boredom and straightness has always been one of my main goals in music”

Dorisburg – Phonica Mix Series 25

Outstanding Swedish producer and DJ Dorisburg bring another perfectly blended mix of rare house gems. Just as hypnotic as his production is, this mix will be your perfect companion during late night internet browsing or a walk through the woods with your headphones on.

Sandrino  - Live at Between Us

Frankey and Sandrino is the duo responsible for some of the biggest hits in the electronic music scene in the last few years. They continue to impress us with both exceptional music production and mesmerizing dj mixes. This time one half of Berlin based duo, Sandrino, brings this deep and groovy mix recorded live at Between Us party in Argentina. Tracks from Lazarusman, JMII, Andre Hommen and others will take you to a wonderful journey with captain Sandrino! 

Alex Smoke – Live at No Rave, Glasgow

Alex Smoke is a name well respected in the underground electronic music scene. Smoke’s name is synonymous with unique electronica, haunting vocals, and dark atmosphere. There are 3 amazing studio albums in Alex’s discography released on labels such as Soma, R & S and his own Hum+Haw imprint. This mix is recorded live at No Rave party in Glasgow in April this year.  It showcases Smoke’s style in its best - dark, haunting, deep techno.

Andre Lodemann – Systematic session 325

One of our favorite producers and DJ’s, Berlin based Andre Lodemann, has made yet another great mix. Celebrating the release of Marc Romboy’s and Stephan Bodzin’s ‘Atlas’ remixes EP on Systematic records, where Andre himself takes huge dance floor hit ‘Atlas’ to another deep and dark dimension (you can hear it in the mix);, Andre makes this mix as part of Systematic session. It’s deep, it’s fresh, it’s dark, it’s bouncy and it will make you want it more. We can’t get enough of a musical genius such as Andre Lodemann

Âme – Boiler Room

Whenever Innervisions label bosses perform, there is a great expectation from the crowd to hear something new, fresh or simply old tracks that, for some reason, went under the radar. This mix is no exception. The person responsible for the DJ part of  the German duo,  Ame (Kristian), takes over Boiler Room and shows why he has been among top DJ’s in the world for years now. It contains an immaculate track selection that is filled with the recognizable Innervisions sound; a mix of tribal, acid and deep, dark elements

Rampa - Human (Keinemusik) 
Trikk - Mozam
Baikal - Pellican’s Flight (Maeve
Eagles & Butterflies - Kick Arp Trees
Parple - Sacred (Hivern Disc)
Eurythmics - Take Me To Your Heart (Popnoname Remix) (Grönland Records)
Redshape – Rome
Trikk - Proto-Rhyt (Lossless)
Redshape - Tel Aviv
Rampa - Necessity (Innervisions)

Finnebassen – Amsterdam Open Air podcast

Talented Norwegian producer and DJ, Finnebassen, is no stranger in the world of deep melancholic house. His original production have been played by some of the biggest names on the scene and his DJ sets are always filled with catchy, melodic tracks that grab listener’s attention, and this mix is no exception. From beautiful melodies of Nils Frahm, to Dorisburg, to James Blake, it will be on repeat on your player for a long time.

Hyenah – Ready for Liberation

The mysterious producer under the Hyenah moniker continues to impress us with each of his releases and mix tapes. After emerging on the electronic music scene in 2014, this super talented producer can’t do wrong. Some of most played tracks in the past year are connected with Hyenah (either as original work or a remix). Percussion driven, which is Hyenah’s recognizable style, with tribal vocals and haunting melodies will take you to the place where everything started, Africa - but this is more like Africa 2.0; a style that shows how African music sounds in 21 century

Leafar Legov – RA  514

Rafael Vogel, aka Leafar Legov, is one of the members of German record label Giegling; a label that is synonymous with deep quality electronic music, and one of our favorites. Leafar’s style is best described as deep, cinematic and organic. He doesn’t necessarily follow the ‘club feel’ in his productions but likes to experiment with ambient and abstract styles. Leafar also performs with his label-mate Konstantin as live act, Kettenkarussell. This mix, which he made for Resident Advisor, is a true piece of art. Exclusively made of Leafar’s original production, this mix has more 4/4 feeling and it reaches depths that will trigger your deepest emotions. One of the best and most original mixes we have heard in a while

Mark Barrott – FADER mix

Summertime is here, and so is a mental craving for some Balearic sounds. This is probably the most popular mix tape series hailing from Ibiza are Café Del Mar mixes. The sensual and warm atmosphere of these mixes will never become boring or cheesy. Mark Barrott, UK producer and DJ, who has been producing ambient, D&B and Balearic music since mid-90’s, first as a member of Future Loop Foundation and later under his real name, is set to release a sequel of his critically acclaimed album ‘Sketches from an Island’ – ‘Sketches from an Island 2’ via his own label International Feel On July 1st. In a light of new album Mark made this mix for NY’s music and fashion magazine, The Fader. This mix is true a true representation of Balearic style, and Mark himself describes it as essential listening for anyone looking to clear some headspace - we couldn’t agree more.

Tsepo – Jeudi Radioshow #40

A young Amsterdam force that keeps impressing us with his music selection every time we listen to his sets, Tsepo, mixes a new episode of the Jeudi records radioshow. The mix is eclectic and contains all necessary ingredients for a nice journey. From trippy electronica, catchy vocals, to tribal vibe, to deep house and back, this mix is another great addition to Tsepo’s mixset library. 

Dominik Eulberg - Meine aktuellen Lieblingsstücke

One of our long time favorite producers and DJ’s, Dominik Eulberg, brings a mix that represents his current style. Being on the scene for many years and releasing records on industry leading labels such as Cocoon and Traumschallplatten, just to name a few, puts Dominik in position of a true taste maker; Dominik takes that role with both hands. This mix is a fantastic journey from beginning to end. It’s an amazing story waiting to be told

1. Lakker – Emergo (R&S Records)
2. Pantha Du Prince – You What? Euphoria! (Rough Trade Records)
3. Weval – You're Mine (Kompakt)
4. Stimming – Alpe Lusia (Robag's Bodelshwing Sovar NB) (Diynamic)
5. Aril Brikha – Illuminate (Mule Musiq)
6. Parple – Sacred (Hivern Disc)
7. Avalon Emerson – 2000 Species of Cacti (Whities Rec)
8. Baikal – Pelican's flight (Maeve)
9. Trikk – Proto Rhyth (Black Version) (Lossless)
10. Matteo Bruscagin – Indian Stories feat Visnadi (Lost & Found)
11. Danny Daze – Swim (Kompakt)
12. Isaac Tichauer – Higher Level (Bicep Remix) (Loft Records)
13. Blawan – Lit up Communicat (Ternesc)
14. Shlomo – Burned Hand (Emmanuel Remix) (Arts)
15. Michael Mayer, Kölsch – Dogma 1 (IPSO)
16. Moderat – 90% Wasser (Monkeytown Records)
17. Andy Stott – Butterflies (Modern Love)

The Drifter - Off Week Wipcats

Mark Flynn, aka The Drifter, is a usual suspect in our monthly top mixes choices, and it’s for a good reason. The Drifter always succeeds in bringing something fresh and new in his mixes. This time he concentrates more on a percussion driven mix. Tribal house has made big return in last two years and it’s present in sets of the biggest names in the underground electronic music scene. It surely evolved from a classic tribal house of the 90’s, but the energy that percussions bring to the dance floor is unmatchable. This mix is an exclusive for the Permanent Vacation + Forbidden Colours showcase that happened in Barcelona earlier this month. 

Naveen G – TDFCC

Naveen G has been staple to NY’s underground scene for years. He built his reputation as a DJ with impeccable music taste and mixing skills playing alongside biggest names on the scene such as John Digweed, Dixon, Lee Burridge. Cityfox and Listed resident, Naveen G puts time and energy in his mixes and that results in perfectly blended tracks that when combined together tell a story that craves to be told over and over again. This almost 2hr long journey will take you to the deepest corners of house and techno.

Panthera Krause – Keinemusik radioshow

Robert Panthera Krause is the founder of electronic music band Marbert Rocel that has an amazing palette of releases on the infamous German record label Compost Records. He also produces and plays under his Panthera Krause moniker where his style flows easily between uplifting-chords, meandering arpeggiators, and melancholic scapes. Having played from Berlin, to Ibiza, to London, Panthera built his fan base all over Europe. This mix was made as a part of the Keinemusik radioshow. It’s groovy, it’s bouncy, and it’s uplifting. It’s house music at its best. 

Kurt Baggaley – Revelation Sessions #21

Kurt Baggaley is UK producer who’s been producing electronic music since the early 2000’s, first under the Scape One moniker, and lately under his real name. Kurt’s style has evolved by time into more personalized and unique. That helped him releasing records on respectable labels such as SoHaSo and Chapter 24. This mix was recorded for ‘Revelation of Sound’ podcast. It’s a very interesting mixture of electro, italo-disco and deep house. Positive and, at moments melancholy, this mix is a must listen during hot summer days

Archie (Flux) – Found 037

Archie is one of the residents of UK promoter Flux. Ahead of the Flux showcase at Found festival that took place in Brixton earlier this month, Archie delivered this exclusive mix. It is an incredibly subtle, deep voyage with hints of acid and shimmering sounds