Track Of The Moment

by Irina Kotik

Cult song ‘O Superman’ by American avant-garde visual artist and musician Laurie Anderson which was topping UK music charts in early ’80 gets another breath of life. Originally inspired by hostage crisis in Iran in 1979, failure of technology in that case and 19th century aria Massenet, this song has been remixed dozens of times by many different producers in different music genres.
The Italian producer, DJ and one of the key figures of the flourishing Italo Disco, Marcelo Giordani has done amazing job bringing ‘O Superman’ back to life. Being a founder of ‘Italo Deviance’ music blog and label, and devoted collector of rare italo-disco vinyls, Marcelo spent more than 25 years exploring and playing disco music. In his phenomenal remix, Marcelo gave a new ‘space-disco’ spin on the sonically timeless  'O Superman’ and gained support from names such as John Talabot, Dixon, Tennis, to just name a few. This striking version masterfully blends the musical elegance with the edge innovation and mighty groove. Powerful and hypnotic, it never looses the bewitched essence of the original and aims straight for the heart.
'O Superman' (Marcelo Giordani Disco Spacer mix) was released on Spanish label Oraculo records in April this year as a part of 'Minimal Signals' compilation  pressed on only 300 vinyl copies. 

Label: Oraculo Records 
Released: 04.02.2016