Davis - Ewer EP

by Irina Kotik

Arguably one of the most talented producers from the vibrant underground scene in Brazil, visionary mastermind Davis keeps things groovy, soulful and hypnotic on his latest “Ewer” EP. The EP includes four impressive cuts of European influenced future-house emboldened by a tropical Brazilian flare. It was released via Davis' own “In Their Feelings” imprint that he runs with another talented producer, Pedro Zopelar

Davis shows his mastery of mysterious, analog sounds with the EP's first track,”Taxon”. Built around percolating rhythms, deep pads, eerie frequency modulation, and beautifully haunted soundscapes lifted from some alternative sci-fi reality, “Taxon” is an absolutely breathtaking listening experience. 

With its cinematic atmosphere, “Torus” explores a gorgeous futuristic landscape with a labyrinth of intricately modulated sounds, driving bass grooves, and introspective melodies laying on an increasingly building dark feeling. 

The title track “Ewer” is an intelligently crafted piece of work brimming with melodic hypnotism that resonates long after the tune has reached its end. The mesmerizing synth line infused with an analog rhythms and beautiful melodies stays with you long after the track has ended. “Ewer” strikes a perfect balance between intelligence, hypnotism, and groove. 

The final track on the EP, “Ayamara”, is more experimental and percussion influenced, rhythmically adventurous effort. Bursting out of the gate with frenetic rhythms, twisted melodies and pumping beat, this adrenaline fueled tune is set to showcase the versatility of Davis’ musicianship and sound design. 

The “Ewer" EP heralds Davis’ boundless musicality, cutting edge production, and ability to bridge the musical gap between European and Brazilian underground dance music.