Best Mixes from July 2016

Summer is in full swing. Spice up your beach time or walk in a park with stunning mixes by astonishingly talented Roman Flugel, John Talabot, Davis, Lazaros, Âme, Marc Poppcke, MUUI, Jonas Saalbach, Mira, Sebo, Jonas Rathsman, Leif, LOR, Nico Stojan, Lehar, David August, Massimiliano Pagliara, Midas 104, Jay Tripwire and Mathias Schober.  

Roman Flugel – Live at Alley Cat, Atlanta, USA 07.16.2016

A producer who makes timeless music, as well as a DJ who plays the coolest, diverse DJ sets…Yeah, you are right, we are talking about the one and only Roman Flugel. Based in Frankfurt, this outstanding producer has been on top of his game for more than 20 years and he never fails to impress with both his productions and his DJ skills. This mix was recorded at the party in Alley Cat Club in Atlanta which was part of his recent North American Tour. This 4 hour mix goes from techno to electro to house to acid and disco. Beautifully packed together, Roman shows us how it’s done properly.   

John Talabot – Live at Lente Kabinet Festival 05.28.2016

Maestro strikes again! We can listen to John Talabot 24/7. His original productions, remixes, and dj sets always bring something new, fresh, and innovative. This is a recording from his set at Lente Kabinet festival in the Netherlands, which was organized by the infamous Dekmantel in May this year, and it’s all you need to listen to at this moment. 

Davis – The Front Page

Davis is a resident at one of the coolest underground parties in Sao Paulo and Rio - ODD party, and also label boss of ‘In Their Feelings’, a label that grows organically with each new fantastic release. Davis’ music selection and DJ skills are impeccable. Innovative and fresh, it’s always a treat to listen to this Brazilian craftsman. This mix is no exception. It's a musical tale rather than your typical dj mix, it is the real deal for true music lovers.

LOR – Slowciety July 2016

LOR a.k.a. Lunar Orbit Rendevouz received huge support from the biggest players (John Talabot, Ame, Roman Flugel, Mano Le Tough) in the game with his debut release ‘Versions 1’ on HVN (Hivern Discs sub label). In light of making his new EP which is set to be released on Fort Romeau’s Cin Cin imprint, LOR delivers this mix for French label Slowciety. This was one of our favorite mixes this month in The Fiction Lab. Outstanding track selection and great atmosphere make this mix a perfect companion for gloomy days. 

Âme – Live at Ikarus

Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer are behind one of the most popular acts in electronic music in the last decade, Âme. Together with their long time friend they run ultra popular label Innervisions which is true taste maker. Frank is behind the ‘Live’ project of Âme while Kristian does the DJ sets. This is a recording of Frank performing at the Ikarus Festival in Germany. An hour long set filled with our favorite tracks from mighty Âme

Jonas Rathsman – Diynamic Radioshow

Swedish producer and DJ Jonas Rathsman had been voted  ‘Future Star’ of 2013 by BBC’s Radio 1, and since then his career has gone rocket high. From amazing original productions and remixes on labels such as Crosstown Rebels and Diynamic to carefully curated mixes on his Element series, Jonas always brings something fresh and new. This mix is just a continuation of his many astonishing mixes from the Element Series, this time made exclusively for the Diynamic Radioshow. 

Leif – Live at Freerotation festival

Leif is a producer and DJ hailing from Wales. He’s also a resident DJ at the intimate Freerotation Festival, which due to its limited capacity is an invite only festival and takes place in UK every July. Leif’s best tracks have great production values. Leif’s ‘Dinas Oleu’ LP was one of the finest house albums in 2013. This mix is his live recording from the above mentioned Freerotation Festival which happened earlier in July. It’s a magnificent excursion through the deepest sides of house music. It’s one of those mixes that you’ll listen in couple of months with the same passion. 

Lehar – When We Dip 066

Lehar is an Italian DJ and producer who’s been one of the standout artists in 2016 with releases on industry leading labels such as Connaisseur and Diynamic. His melodic and dramatic style in production reflects in his DJ mixes as well. This mix is exclusive for  the ‘When We Dip’ music network which features mixes by the finest artists in the international electronic music scene. Prepare yourself for an hour long voyage through house and techno with Lehar.

Marc Poppcke – Favorites of the month July 2016

Very few DJ’s are capable of delivering consistently good mixes on a regular basis. Marc Poppcke is certainly one of them. Label boss of Crossfrontier Audio label,  he also does his ‘Favorites of the month’ series and it’s always a perfectly blended mix filled with fresh music. Definitely a must listen for every electronic music fan. 

MUUI – Paranoid Grooves 28

Patrick Carrera better known as MUUI, is a Berlin based producer and a DJ whose recognizable and authentic analog sound has gained him respect among fellow producers. MUUI is equally a good DJ and he proves that with each new mix that he uploads. This mix is the newest installment of his own Paranoid Grooves podcast, and it’s melodic house at its finest. It includes some of the hottest tracks at this moment as well as some of MUUI’s original production.   

Midas 104 – Live at Fusion Festival, Turmbuhne

Willi Schumacher better known as Midas 104 is one the few producers from Berlin who constantly moves the bar with each new release. His live sets can be heard from Berlin to Dubai to Brooklyn and wherever he plays Midas puts the crowd in total ecstasy wanting more and more. We had a privilege to host Midas 104 at our party in Brooklyn earlier this month and it was a party that everybody will talk about for a long time. Midas delivered a mind-blowing set and took the crowd to another level. This is the recording from his live performance at one of, if not the best festival in Germany, Fusion Festival. Midas 104 took over the main stage and what we heard from the people who attended the festival is that it was probably the best set at the festival. What we can hear from this recording, we can just say, damn, we wish we were there!!! 

Sebo – Live at Fusion Festival, Turmbuhne

Sebo is German DJ and producer best known as one part of fantastic duo Sebo & Madmotormiquel which plays around the world and has releases on labels such as URSL, Katermukke, and Darkroom Dubs. Groovy, bouncy beats are signature to Sebo’s style and this mix proves it. Recorded live at Fusion, one of the German’s best festivals, Sebo brings fantastic energy from the very beginning and takes the crowd to the higher level in this 2 hour journey.   

Nico Stojan – Balance Selection 25

Berlin native who is known for his residency at Berlin’s infamous Bar25, Nico Stojan always impresses us with his track selection which puts him in a small group of DJ's capable of playing both big festivals and small clubs. For the 25th episode of Balance Selections, Nico made a podcast with tracks that he likes to play out as well as to listen to at home. This mix is a perfect blend of deep, melodic and seductive tracks that you’ll enjoy from start to finish

Jonas Saalbach – Pearls & Sencha #5

Jonas Saalbach is a young producer hailing from Berlin, who has made a big impact on the electronic music scene shortly after his breakthrough on Einmusika Recordings in 2013. He’s become known for his melodic and deep style and by now has released his original music and remixes on labels such as Crossfrontier Audio, Moodmusic, Bedrock, Einmusika, and Audiomatique just to name few. When he performs, Jonas usually performs live sets, but this time he takes the DJ route and makes this beautifully crafted podcast for Pearls & Sencha radio show on Proton Radio.  Just as his original productions, this mix is deep, melodic filled with tracks by industry giants like DJ Koze, Ruede Hagelstein, and Luca Bacchetti. It will definitely be ear candy from start to finish. 

1. Roman Flügel - 9 Years ( DJ Koze Remix ) - Pampa Records
2. Felix Warmuth, Mike Witcombe - Islagrande - Kindisch
3. Rodriguez Jr - Petropolis - mobilee records
4. Ruede Hagelstein - Fetzo - Upon You Records
5. Luca Bacchetti - Genesis - Endless
6. Darlyn Vlys - Colours ( Tim Engelhardt Remix) - Upon You
7. Kastis Torrau & Donatello - Ida - Proton Music
8. Jos & Eli, DJ Zombie - Internal Affair (Donatello & Arnas D Remix)

Mira – Live at Katerblau, Berlin 05.01.2016

Mira is staple to Berlin’s underground music scene. She’s been a resident of the infamous nightclub Kater Blau for years, and together with her partner in crime Christopher Schwarzwalder, they took the electronic music scene by storm with their recognizable low BPM sets. Mira’s releases on labels such as Katermukke and URSL show us that she stays true to her low BPM (or downtempo) style in her outstanding production as well. This mix was recorded at Kater Blau and it’s an mesmerizing journey from beginning to end. Definitely one of those mixes that can be enjoyed equally good both in a nightclub or your bedroom. 

Mathias Schober – Bali mix

Co-founder of a very cool imprint called Lossless, Mathias Schober aka Show B, keeps delivering fantastic dance floor bombs, ranging from classic house tracks to peak time techno. His production is percussive driven which works very well on a dance floor and is a favorite of many industry leading DJ’s. This mix was recorded in Bali while Mathias was on an Asian tour and it is dark club oriented with some massive tunes in it. Close your eyes put headphones on and teleport yourself into dark club driven with some proper techno. 

Jay Tripwire – M32

One of the producers that we’ve been listening to ‘from the beginning of time’, Jay Tripwire has always produced forward thinking music. No matter if it was house, techno or everything in between, his music takes you on a unique journey through time and space. This time Jay makes an amazing, mind bending mix that goes from ambient to electro to dub to techno and back. This mix was made exclusively for the Monologues podcast, which is a showcase for the world's finest electronic music producers where each episode invites a different artist to create a mix entirely comprised of their own productions: original tracks, remixes, re-edits, demos, loops, live sets. It's a chance to hear what it sounds like inside their head. Here’s what Jay Tripwire says about this mix: ‘It’s me remixing myself in a live PA format, I wanted to do something that is really genre-less. Is it house? Is it Techno? Is it ‘80s electro? Who the fuck knows. "It is what it is". I sketched it with the listener in mind instead of a club or warehouse rave.’

Massimiliano Pagliara - UV Podcast 043

Italian producer based in Berlin, Massimiliano Pagliara has been a regular on both the German and international electronic music scene. The fact that he has played at cult German clubs such as Berghain/Panorama Bar, Tresor, and Robert Johnson, as well as having releases on labels such as Live at Robert Johnson, Rush Hour, and Uncanny Valley, tells a lot about Massimiliano’s talent both in DJ booth and inside the studio. In light of his new release ‘Connection Lost pt.2’ on Dresden based label, Uncanny Valley, which is sequel to his EP released on UV in December 2015, Massimiliano Pagliara was asked to make a podcast for that Dresden label. This mix is almost a 2hr journey through house and disco with tracks by Fort Romeau, Marvin & Guy, as well as Massimiliano himself just to name few. 

Lazaros – Nautilus Podcast 01

After we were teased with the leading track called ‘GE’ in the Âme & Dixon Essential Mix from his upcoming EP coming out on Nautilus Rising in end of July, we surely kept an eye on Lazaros. Music by the newcomer from Cologne will definitely find its way to crates and playlists of many DJ’s around the world. Ahead of his release on Nautilus Rising, the Glasgow based label that had a very successful first release featuring tracks from Alex Smoke and huge dance floor bomb by Lord of the Isles – XIT among others, Lazaros made this beautiful downtempo mix which is the perfect companion for your late night internet browsing, walk in a park, or after after party. 

David August – NTS Radio

The pure music genius that is David August, put himself shoulder to shoulder with some of the best electronic music producers nowadays with impressive releases on labels such as Innervisions, Diynamic, Get Physical, and Drumpoet. Hamburg born and Berlin based, this young German producer doesn’t stop to impress fans of his music. From live performances with The German Symphonic Orchestra to mesmerizing new releases, David August proves that, for him, the future is bright, and well, that is just great news for us. This mix was made exclusively for NTS radio and contains some of David’s new and old favorites, his edits and David’s new upcoming EP.