Best New Mixes from August 2016

Here are the mixes that we enjoyed during the month of August. From downtempo to disco to techno to house and back. Fiction Lab was bouncing to the rhythm of Fort Romeau, Marcus Worgull, Andre Lodemann, Marvin & Guy, John Talabot, Nuno Dos Santos, Petar Dundov, Rebolledo, Red Axes, Ali Tillet, Hyenah, Naveen G, Pezzner, Hisham Zahran, Tom Peters, Ruede Hagelstein, Daniel Bortz, Pablo Bolivar, Edward and Eagles & Butterflies. mixes are listed in no particular order. Enjoy!

Fort Romeau - Groove Podcast 67

Fort Romeau is one of the few producers who constantly delivers productions that are fresh and very enjoyable to listen to. Both his original production and unique remixes are staples in sets of the most respectable DJ’s in the underground music scene. Fort Romeau has been releasing on labels like Running Back, Ghostly International and Live at Robert Johnson and also co-runs the boutique label called Cin Cin, a label that released fantastic EPs in the last year. This mix is an exclusive for the German electronic music magazine – Groove. It’s dark, moving and in moments an acidic voyage that we enjoyed listening from start to finish.

01. LOR – Factories 1979 [Forthcoming Cin Cin]
02. Aera – Odessa Step Sequence [Innervisions]
03. Johannes Albert – All Things Mind Altering [Frank Music]
04. Renato Ratier Ft. Stimming – Filosofia [D Edge]
05. Chymera – Episode [Cocoon]
06. Plastikman – Purrkusiv [Plus 8 Records]
07. Benjamin Milz – Dc2 [Live At Robert Johnson]
08. Konstantin Sibold – Mutter [Running Back]
09. ???
10. Bwana – Generation Nostalgia [Forthcoming Cin Cin]

Marcus Worgull - Wilde Mohre Podcast

Marcus Worgull, an Innervisions resident, is definitely one of the producers that we always impatiently wait to hear something new from. Either a new track or a mix, Marcus puts his recognizable touch that puts him shoulder to shoulder with the top names in the underground music industry – he never fails to impress. Marcus made this mix in anticipation of his gig at the ‘Wilde Moehre’ ( or ‘Wild Carrot’ ) festival in Berlin. A festival that celebrates not only music, but theater, movie, spoken word and all other different types of art, while being totally green and environmental friendly. A fantastic mix with tracks from Tennis, Dorisburg, Baikal and DOP can easily be on repeat for hours. 

Andre Lodemann - Straf Werk podcast 015

It’s hard to find great producer who is equally great DJ and vice versa. Andre Lodemann is certainly one of them. His tracks are timeless pieces that are played all around the globe, from festivals to dark underground clubs. This mix is a great package of what’s hot at this moment in the underground scene. Put your dancing shoes on and crank the volume up!

Marvin & Guy - Live at Audio Obscura 08.13.2016

Marvin & Guy is a project created by two Italian producers and DJ’s - Alessandro Parlatore and Marcello Giordani. Even though project started in 2011, both Alessandro and Marcelo have been in electronic music for years, exploring disco, house and techno music. Marvin & Guy are infamous for their edits and remixes. They have released tracks on labels like Correspondant, Hivern Discs, Young Adults and On the Prowl Records, to name a few. Gaining support from John Talabot, Roman Flugel, Tennis and Jenniffer Cardini helped Marvin & Guy to become one of the hottest acts on the ever blooming electronic music scene. We are looking forward to hear more from this super talented duo. This mix is a live recording from the Audio Obscura party in Amsterdam, where Marvin & Guy shared decks with Job Jobse, Rebolledo, Jennifer Cardini and Luc Mast & Elias Mazian. It’s a pure 2 hours extravaganza that will put a smile on your face.

John Talabot - Phonica Mix Series 027

One thing is for sure, whenever Oriol Riverola, a.k.a John Talabot, publishes a new mix, we’ll listen it carefully and enjoy what this true tastemaker from Barcelona has in store. The last few years were absolutely stunning from a music perspective for this astonishingly talented producer, and he deserves all recognition he gets from fellow producers, DJs and fans around the world. This mix is an exclusive for the London based record store – Phonica records. It’s a mesmerizing blend of tracks that are staples in recent John’s sets, and tracks that he usually doesn’t play out at all. It’s pure bliss from start to finish.

Nuno Dos Santos - Live at Glazart Paris 08.14.2016

Nuno Dos Santos is the founder of the SoHaSo label – a label that we absolutely love, and which keeps moving electronic music in an original and forward thinking way. Each new release from SoHaSo brings something new and fresh, and features artists that are ‘usual suspects’ in the Fiction Lab like Love Over Entropy, The Drifter and Mathias Schober. Nuno Dos Santos is also prolific producer and fantastic DJ. This is Nuno’s set from the 10 year Sweat Lodge anniversary party in Paris, where he played alongside Baikal, Mattheis, Isolee and others. It’s a percussive driven groovy mix which has a perfect flow and atmosphere.

Petar Dundov - Clash DJ mix

Petar Dundov is a veteran techno producer and DJ hailing from Zagreb, Croatia. He’s been one of the pioneers of electronic music in Eastern Europe, and probably the first DJ from Croatia who made a successful and recognized international DJ career. Petar has mostly been releasing records on the famous techno label Music Man Records that also released his latest LP called ‘At The Turn Of Equilibrium’ in May this year, which gained huge support from some of the biggest names in the electronic music world. This mix was one of our techno dosages for this month. It’s exclusive for the British music and fashion magazine – Clash. Groovy, melodic techno perfectly blended into an hour-long music tale. 

Rebolledo - Live at Audio Obscura 08.13.2016

Rebolledo is a DJ and producer hailing from Mexico. He’s known as a DJ who plays versatile dj sets, mixing new, old and odd tunes infused with an ever-present disco touch. Together with Superpitcher, Rebolledo performs as indie electronic duo Pachanga Boys. This mix is a live recording from the Audio Obscura party in Amsterdam, and it’s the second mix from that party that we’ve included in our list for this month. All we can say is that we wish we were at that party! 

Red Axes - Live at Rumors Ibiza 06.26.2016

Red Axes is a project created by Tel-Aviv based producers and DJs Dori Sadovnoik and Niv Arzi. Over time, Red Axes have made their name with both stunning edits and remixes of master pieces, as well as their own production. They’ve been releasing on some of our favorite labels such as Correspondant, Hivern Discs and Permanent Vacation, just to name few. This mix is a live recording of Red Axes’ set at Guy Gerber’s Rumors party at Destino club in Ibiza. A very interesting mix of tribal, Italian disco, house and techno, with the tracks from Axel Boman, Superpitcher and JMII among others, all packed in a one-hour mix with a Red Axes touch.

Ali Tillett - Sun x Sea x Dust mix

This ‘mini-mix’ was made by Alli Tillett, one of the founders of the boutique label Cin Cin, which released some of our favorite tracks this year, and which features fantastic artists like Nick Hoppner, Ripperton, LOR and Fort Romeau (who co-runs the label with Alli Tillett). The mix is easy listening and consists of unreleased jams- tracks that have been staple in summer mixes of many DJ’s this year and some tracks that are forthcoming on Cin Cin that we look forward playing out and listening to.

1. Khidja - The Quiet Before The Red Stop (Selvy Remix) - Emotional Especial
2. ??? - ??? - ???
3. Ara Koufax - Makers - Cutters Records
4. ??? - ??? - ???
5. Ry X - Deliverance (Fort Romeau Remix) - Infectious
6. V - Mon Vieil Amour - Cin Cin
7. LOR - Factories 1984 - Cin Cin [Forthcoming]

Hyenah - Watergate podcast #14

A mysterious producer who brought a breath of fresh air into the afro-house scene, Hyenah doesn’t stop impressing his fans and followers with new productions and new mixes. Hyenah started his monthly residency called ‘Rise’ at one of the most popular night clubs in Berlin – Watergate, where he put an accent on promoting the style that best suits him - afro-tribal house. Some the biggest names of afro-house have joined Hyenah behind the decks at Watergate, such as Culoe De Song, Mr Raoul K, and Lazarusman, just to name few. Many more are expected to join him in the future and take the crowd in Watergate to  a unique journey of percussive driven house music. This mix is Watergate podcast and it’s Hyenah at his best. This groovy and percussive mix will be a great companion in hot summer days.

Naveen G - 10 years of Listed

Our friends from Listed production are celebrating 10 years of throwing bad-ass parties all over North America. Countless hours of fun in perfect set ups with some of the best DJ’s in the world is certainly something to be proud of. One of Listed’s residents, Naveen G, makes this beautiful mix in anticipation of their 10-year anniversary. An immaculate mix with amazing track selection is another great Listed Production asset. We look forward to many more years of outstanding parties with our friends in Listed Productions! 

1. Agoria, Michael Mayer - Blackbird Has Spoken - Kompakt
2. Quarion - Knocking ath The Door of The Cosmos - Tamed Musiq
3. Leafar Legov - Cenote - Kann
4. Frank Haag - When You Leave (The Mole remix) - Serialism
5. Mikael Stravostrand, Shaun Soomro - Paradise Lost - Lick My Deck
6. Archie Hamilton - What's In Your Head - Moscow
7. Cornucopia - The Day You Got Older and Stronger - Shanti Moscow Radio
8. F.ich - Wolly Tomita - Abstract Theory
9. Brett Johnson - Relax Yo Self - Delve Deeper
10. Junior Gee - The Black Hole - Danse Club
11. DJ W!ld - Whats Up Men (James Barnsley remix) - Vessel
12. Audion - Destroyer (FOLD's Lean Tape remix) - !K7
13. Dinky - Casa (Axel Boman remix) - Crosstown Rebels
14. Mr G - Transient - Bass Culture
15. Brett Johnson, CPEN - You Got Me Going Crazy - Holic Trax
16. Miro Pajic - Phantom House - Lazerslut
17. Headless Ghost - Dirtee Groove - Drumpoet Community
18. Jerome C - High Noon - Wolf and Lamb
19. Tom Dicicco - Extracting the Error - Delsin
20. Llewellyn - Roland Summer Jam - Kann
21. Acid Pauli - Nana - Pampa
22. Trevino - Bergmann - Birdie

Pezzner - Select Cuts

Seattle based artist Pezzner has been around for a long time. Producing music that is groovy and original in style gained Pezzner recognition from fellow producers and fans around the globe. His latest 9-track LP ‘Title Track’ was released on the German powerhouse label Get Physical earlier this month. In his rich career, Pezzner also released for some of the most popular labels in the industry such as Freerange, Systematic, Visionquest and Crosstown Rebels. Besides that he is an inventive producer, and also a very talented DJ who always makes the crowd dance, smile and wanting more. We had an honor to host Pezzner for our Sideshow at TBA Brooklyn earlier this month and he played an outstanding groovy, wicked set that the crowd absolutely loved. This mix is exclusive for Irish web magazine ‘When We Dip’ with tracks from RY-X, DJ Deep, Re.You and Pezzner himself. It’s a groovy journey through house and techno, spiced with some experimental sounds.

Hisham Zahran - Bespoke Musik Residents

Hisham Zahran is back with another beautiful music tale. This time he made an exclusive mix for our friends at Bespoke Musik ahead of their boat party with Hisham Zahran, Francesca Lombardo and El_Txef_A in September. It’s a wonderful voyage that perfectly suits these hot summer days. Deep, melodic and emotional, with tracks from Mathew Jonson, Cleveland, Luca Bacchetti and DJ Koze, this mix is 1.5hrs well spent. 

Tom Peters - DHA mix #227

Tom Peters is a producer and DJ from Berlin currently residing in NY. Tom made his DJ name playing at Berlin’s underground clubs and releasing for some of the most popular labels in the industry like Kompakt and Get Physical. He is also about to launch his own label called Black Peters. His style is best described as intimate techno, and you can definitely feel that in his exclusive mix for our friends at Deep House Amsterdam. Perfect for late nights on a dance floor, Tom takes the listener on a bouncy techno ride.

Nuage – Recall
Kyodai – Meets Ann & Bones (dub mix)
Chloe FR- Low – Fairmont Remix
Patlac – Random Walks
Leonard Bywa & Tim Engelhardt – Chymera
Tensnake – The Walk – Andre Hommen Remix
Paul Woolford – Heaven & Earth Pt.1
Patrice Baumel – Surge
Ambilvalent – Whyou
Par Grindvik – The Marlton
Recondite – Osa
Jamie XX – Loud Places feat. Romy (John Talabot Higher Dub)

Ruede Hagelstein - The Sound Of Connaisseur #047

Ruede Hagelstein is a producer and DJ from Berlin who stole our hearts years ago with his hauntingly groovy productions. His releases on labels such as Upon You, Souvenir, Keinemusik and Watergate gained him the reputation of a prolific producer who knows how to make dance floor bombs. Ruede did this exclusive mix for ‘The Sound of Connaisseur’ radio show. It’s a club ready, one-hour voyage with tracks from &me, Red Axes, The Drifter and Ruede himself, among others.  

Daniel Bortz - E.G. 589

Daniel Bortz is a German producer and DJ who has been producing fine electronic music for almost 10 years now. Even though he started with a more dub-techno-ish style, his style evolved over time into more melodic and groovy. Daniel’s been releasing on labels like Innervisions, Permanent Vacation and Suol to name few. He also runs an independent music label called Pastamusik based in Munich. Daniel’s extensive music knowledge is evident in his versatile DJ sets. This mix is an Electronic Groove exclusive and it represents Daniel’s techno side. It’s a dark, dubby voyage, perfect for your late night excursions

Pablo Bolivar - OMW 007

Pablo Bolivar’s name is connected to originality and high quality sound that touches all corners of deep electronic music, from dub, to house, to techno and back. Both his productions and DJ mixes have a recognizable deep and soft, yet raw and organic, style. For this mix, Pablo presents deep and elegant tunes mixed in to a beautiful summer tale.

Edward - XLR8R Podcast 452

Gilles Aiken, a.k.a Edward, is one of the members of the German label Giegling – a label that we truly love and support. Edward has been regular in the DJ booths of some of the most respected clubs in Germany, such as Panorama Bar and Robert Johnson. His style is versatile and touches all corners of electronic music, with attention to details and undeniable quality. This mix is an XLR8R exclusive and it’s one of those mixes that you will go back and listen to again and again. It’s dark and trippy with lots of interesting details that make a difference when listening to a mix. Definitely one of our favorite mixes this month.

Eagles & Butterflies - Don't Forget The Moon! Mission 002

Eagles & Butterflies is a usual suspect in Fiction Lab. After a great party that he played for us in April this year and many great releases and mixes, we are delighted to hear ‘the other side’ of Barrat’s music production. A down-tempo excursion that E&B doesn’t have chance to play often, but is very talented at making. This mix is exclusive for Luca Bacchetti’s ‘Don’t Forget The Moon’ podcast which broadcasts monthly during the time of full moon, and it was made in anticipation of the ‘Endless LA’ party that E&B and Luca Bacchetti played together in August. It’s all Eagles and Butterflies’ original production, packed in a delightful down-tempo package.