Amberoom - Minoo

by Irina Kotik

Following on from their March 2017 debut “Rhit” EP, Amberoom is back in action to their regular haunt of Josh Wink's Ovum Recordings with three energy fueled productions. Titled “Minoo”, this impressive package is a blend of musical minds of the German production powerhouse Manuel Tur and his old time friends Adrian Hoffmann and Ramin Nouyan. Experimenting with a myriad of harmonious and rhythmic elements, Amberoom collectively create a beautifully compelling and groovy sound.

The carefully crafted title track ‘Minoo’ delves deep into the smooth introspective vibe with hypnotic rhythms and vibrant sound. With floating spacey analog synth tones layered between delicate piano chords and funky bassline, “Minoo” blends a delicate melody and blossoming groove to create a stunning tune that will definitely keep dance floor moving.