High 5 - Jimi Jules

by Jelena Drenjakovic

One of the most enjoyable things about selecting music is the vast array of possibilities waiting to be tapped on this journey. Today we’re thrilled to unveil ‘High 5’, a recurring series where we invite distinguished DJs and Producers to cherry pick their 5 favourite tracks of the moment. ‘High 5’ kicks off with 5 hand-picked tracks of incredibly talented producer, graduated Jazz musician and DJ - Jimi Jules.

Having been raised upon a musical background, Swiss based DJ and Producer Jimi Jules inhabits an approach to music that changes it’s form as natural as a chameleon. His flawless productions masterfully wander between warm and soulful hints of jazz, subtle funky grooves and undeniably body shaking dance floor burners.
The diversity and sophistication of Jimi Jules’s unique sound is manifested in his long player 'Equinox’ that has won over the hearts of many across the globe. This Swiss Jazz House aficionado prefers recording everything by hand, just like his studio friend Kalabrese, with whom he teamed up as ‘Jules et Spatz’ for their 'Rotwii- Lied' release on Zukunft Recordings.
But enough idle talk, here are 5 brilliant tracks that Jules put together for your listening pleasure.

Love Over Entropy - Land Before Time

‘Land Before Time’ is a slow-burning house track that glows like morning light. Bathed in elevating melodies, with dense drum beats and thick bass tones riddling its spine, this gem is embellished with intriguing layers of sound that this singular producer has quietly gained a reputation for. It comes off the latest V/A from Lossless, ‘Outbound 2’, which also features no less exquisite cuts from Trikk, Neil Flynn and many more.


Zopelar - Origini (Ripperton Remix)

This delicate slice of thickly layered ambient house attacks all your senses with spacious, drone-like melodies and close-knit hi-hats that float on top of a terra firma covered by stomping bass stabs and moistened with a dark, percussive groove. 
There's not much to be added to this, except perhaps for some surprising side effects: Please beware, you might find yourself staring into space as you listen in.


Etapp Kyle - Quantum

Since his Klockworks release in 2013, the Ukrainian-born and Berlin-based artist has steadily risen over the past years and eventually became a regular at Berghain. 
Etapp Kyle’s productions are marked with reduced minimalism that flirts with tiny melodic bits without losing dance floor appeal or venturing two far into the abstract.
His first full Ostgut Ton EP release that includes ‘Quantum’ operates precisely at this juncture. The trackitself is a sublime cut for dusty raves that interlocks a glowing synth line with micromelodic spheres and galloping snare patterns.


Radiohead – Identikit

As with most of the quintet’s releases it takes a while to locate the underlying stillness in the sweetness of dense arrangements that ‘Identikit’ comes with.
Packed with skittering beats and a heavenly refrain of synths, this song is almost meditative in its mid-tempo loveliness if it weren’t for Tom York’s voice wrapped in aching melancholy. 
What remains engraved in our memory after this orchestral journey is Jonny Greenwood’s agitated, thrilling guitar solo and a sentiment repeated and enforced over and over again: “I don’t want to know, I don’t want to know, I don’t want to know”.


Four Tet – Planet

British electronic musician Four Tet roams into clubbier territory with sensuous textures and harmoniousovertones that are so aimlessly put together for the purpose of taking the listener on a journey through a picturesque landscape. 
A mix of flickering strings, tingling high-ends and bodacious drums lightly sits over the top of a rippling bassline. As vocal smears and worming details tunnel in, ‘Planet’ moves forward with grace and closes of with synth-drenched elegance.



Egopusher – Flake

Egopusher are an electronica duo from Zürich, featuring violinist Tobias Preisig and drummer Alessandro Giannelli. The twosome conjures an enchanting fusion of melancholic violin strings, rhythmic drum patterns and mystical synths that conveys an awesomely rich andvigorous musical language to the listener.
The instrumental “Flake” is taken from their debut album “Blood Red“ that emerged as a result of intense live jam sessions. “Flake” recalls the grandeur of electrifying movie soundtracks with its poetic violin strings infusing a cinematic dramaturgy to a steady drum beat paired with an unwavering arpeggiated synth line.