QNA - Tabor Session EP

by Isabel Thomson-Officer

Switzerland’s by way of Berlin, Quarion (aka Yanneck Salvo) first emerged eleven years ago with an intoxicating debut EP Karasu released on Drumpoet Community which was swiftly picked up by Dixon and Ame who both played his tracks on the regular. Fast forward ten years and in 2016, Quarion was asked to join the esteemed Innervisions roster. Since then he seems to have just gone from strength to strength.

His latest three-track EP collaboration with Swedish maestro Joel Alter, Tabor Session EP is out now on vinyl and digitally on the label True Rotary Recordings.

The opening and the title track, “Tabor Sessions” fuses driving beats with eerie sounds and a variety of synths to create a well-balanced soundscape. Opening with a strong 4x4 beat with hi-hats and an ascending melodic synth sequence, the track loops continuously with the occasional eerie crescendoing sounds towards the end of each phrase. At two minutes, the snare kicks in which is soon joined by a minor four-note synth progression. The track’s vibe is hypnotic and a classic example of modern techno at its best.

“Memory Lane” opens with a strong 3am hard techno warehouse vibe. A high pitched digital sequence with percussion fades in and out which balances out the raw and hard techno energy of the track. It’s melancholic yet blends dreamy and ethereal sounds with the strength of a warehouse banger: repetitive, hypnotic, driving, and industrial with just a hint of melody.

The shortest of the three tracks “Sansui Cruise”, opens with a raw and tribal like bouncy beat. A cowbell chimes in and fades out joined by industrial percussive sounds. The track is progressive and playful with ascending and descending sounds that twist in and out, rising and falling throughout until the very end of the EP. It’s hypnotic and a perfect closer for this  new take on techno release by Quarion and Joel Alter.