Nuno Dos Santos - Trigonometry of Love REMIXES

by Isabel Thomson-Officer

When Nuno Dos Santos dropped his stunning Trigonometry of Love EP earlier this year, we counted it as one of our favorite releases of 2017. Now the Dutch Something Happening Somewhere label head is back with a special limited edition 12” vinyl release letting others this time tell the story. Featuring four exceptional remixes by the likes of Far Out Radio Systems, Fader From Borneo, Mark du Mosch and Polynation, the EP showcases a different take for each one of the original tracks. Adding to the magic is the beautiful silkscreen printed cover artwork which is made by Nuno's father and printed in KAPITAAL studios. Each piece is unique and hand-stamped making it a highly sought after item for vinyl junkies. There are only few more copies available at SoHaSo bandcamp store

The remix EP opens with a special take on the track “Prosa” from Far Out Radio Systems. Upping the tempo, the retake is deep and progressive, maintaining the more dissonant elements of the original. It’s a thumbs up from us on this one.

Following on from the opening track is Fader From Borneo’s version of “Storm Inside”. The original is one of the darker more chaotic melodies on Nuno’s original Trigonometry of Love EP. Rotterdam based producer Fader From Borneo gives this track an electro vibe, increasing the BPM, yet staying true to Nuno’s initial creation.

“Dust In Your Eyes” remixed by Mark du Mosch brings a fresh take to the original with a nu-wave disco edge. Venturing further from the original melody than the other remixes on this special release, we are thoroughly enjoying Mark du Mosch’s version.

Dutch duo Polynation create a truly lush musical canvas over Nuno’s “Prosa”. Known for their knack for blending live drums with acoustic and electronic sounds, this remix is one of our favorite releases right now. Trust us, you’ll be bopping along to this one no matter where you are.