Ruede Hagelstein - Deepflight EP

by Nicko Fier

Ruede Hagelstein creates a hypnotic master piece with his latest “Deepflight EP” 

It's been ten years since the maestro known as Ruede Hagelstein first appeared on Upon.You Records, With the three tracks on his new musical outing “Deepflight” we see Ruede Hagelstein prove once more why he is still on top of his game and not about to slow down anytime soon.

Oh how beautifully weird. Here at at the Fiction Lab weird grabs our attention. The beginning of the track “Alvin” makes the hair on my neck stand and my teeth lock. As the mysterious track evolves there is no way of telling where Ruede Hagelstein is taking us on this transformational ride. This track is so minimal yet carries such a heavy emotional sound.

The track “Trieste” follows quickly bringing more energy to the “Deepflight EP”. A hypnotic style bell drives the track through the first few minutes connecting with a wider and deeper sound. Beautiful crisp hats give it a significant boost to keep the dance floor shifting side to side along with spaced out melodies. 

The track “Mir” bring this whole EP together.  An “Alvin” and “Trieste” hybrid performing together and creating such unique style of sound. This is not your average “banger”, this is much more. This has style, it has class, it has character. This track is a mind bender, deep listening electrical phonk with a minimalist dramatic approach that connects the whole EP together.