Tornado Wallace - EP for Animals Dancing

by Isabel Thomson Officer

Returning after a two year hiatus, Melbourne label Animals Dancing are back with a bang with a stellar EP from none other than label co-owner and Berlin-based producer Tornado Wallace (aka Lewie Day). Released back in August 2017, we’ve been meaning to get around to writing this one up as its four tracks of pure atmospheric goodness by one of Melbourne’s best. The EP is comprised of “Zorn Gottes”, “Primitivo Apertivo”, “Open Door” and a Born Inna Tent remix of Wallace’s “Open Door”. It’s a journey through hypnotic, tribal percussion and a step away from Wallace’s usual sounds as he dives deep into electronica and ambient beats and we can’t get enough of it.

“Zorn Gottes”, starts off with strong rhythmic bass drums which are soon joined by hand drums, cymbals and what could quite possibly be a xylophone. The cymbals flutter in halfway through the track before growing louder as more and more drums weave in and out. It’s tribal and hypnotic from start to finish and closes out with a deep male voice speaking in German. We dig it.

The following track “Primitivo Apertivo” opens with eerie insect-like sounds before synths start to fade in and out and the hand drums enter. It’s a bouncy track filled with rhythm and percussion and a perfect follow on from the opener, showcasing Wallace’s knack for drum-filled sounds.

The second half of the EP kicks off with “Open Door” followed by a remix by Born Inna Tent. Things take on a serious case of jungle fever with this original tribal banger which is accented by flutes, pan-pipes and animalistic birds and creatures of the wilderness cawing in the background.

Born Inna Tent brings a decidedly down-beat and chillout take on the original adding in a beautiful piano sequence and dreamlike soundscapes. It’s a calming and relaxing end to an otherwise heavier EP that hits all the right percussion beats.