Best New Mixes from October

Here's the list of mixes that we enjoyed listening the most during the month of October. You'll find mixes that are not necessarily club oriented but great companions for your web browsing, office time, long walks or car rides. However, if you want to rock the house, we got you covered. The mixes are listed in no particular order

Dima Studinsky - Headz.FM episode 122

Dima Studinsky is back on Fiction Lab with another beautiful music voyage. Not many people can make mixtapes like this, so it’s always fascinating when you run on something like this. Well…ok we didn’t just randomly find this mix, since we follow and support Dima’s work regularly, but the content of this mix, the energy flow and programming are exceptional. Not your average DJ mix, this mix is a real treat for true music lovers. Dima made an exceptional and timeless mix that we’ll listen over and over again.

Benedikt Frey - Digital Tsunami 134

One of the most talented artists hailing from Germany, Benedikt Frey has a very impressive list of releases on some of our favorite labels like Hivern Discs, Live at Robert Johnson, ESP Institute, Nousklaer Audio and Mule Electronic just to name a few. His LP ‘Artificial’ released a month ago via ESP Institute has found heavy support among fellow producers and DJs as well as fans. Benedikt made this ‘slow burning’ mix for promoting team Digital Tsunami. It’s trippy, and very well put mix that fits perfectly into ‘during the day’ listening section. 

01. Nico - Frontiers In The Dark [IST Records / 1993]
02. Benedikt Frey - Dissolved Girl [ESP Institute / 2017]
03. Nurse With Wound - Rock n Roll Station [United Diaries / 1994]
04. Different Fountains - Jaw Bread [Different Fountains / 2013]
05. Init - Routine [???]
06. Bufiman - Raising (Gordon Pohl Mix) [ICI / 2017]
07. In Aeternam Vale - Mat [Minimal Wave / 2012]
08. Dolphins - Delivered [???]
09. June - No Escape [June / 2015]
10. Palms - Der Konig (Menqui Cut) [Rare Book Room / 2009]
11. Beck Nash Reyenga - Metalclaw [Offen Music / 2017]
12. Init - Nebbia [???]
13. Keys - Keys [???]
14. Bionda E Lupe - Die Kinder aus dem Park [???]
15. Casiopaya - Cass [???]
16. Benedikt Frey - Xs [???]
17. Init - Rme Cat [???]

Cleveland - Planet Cleveland #2 (Red Light Radio)

Planet Cleveland, the new radio show on Red Light radio by super talented artist hailing from Brussels - Cleveland, will most likely be a regular mix featured in our monthly list, at least judging by first two episodes. Cleveland’s broad music knowledge allows him to spread his wings and present to the listeners some of the most beautiful and hard to find music that he fancies at this moment. This is not a party mix but more a mix that you can listen to over and over at your home without getting bored. Long live Planet Cleveland! 

CMD Q - R.P.W.C.S Guest Mix 90

Cmd Q is one of our favorite producers from super talented Kann roster. Leipzig based artist amazes us with each new release or a mixtape. An exclusive mix that Cmd Q made for Turkish podcast RPWCS is one of our favorite ones that we listened in October. Deep, dark but with a positive after taste this perfectly constructed mix that travels from techno to break beat to electronica and ambient will make you listen to it again many times after the first listening.

Joe Foxton - GEO

One of our co-founders and residents, Joe Foxton astonished us with his latest mix tape. Joe’s ability to take a listener to a unique voyage comes to a full bloom in this mix. The mix named GEO is a voyage that doesn’t take an obvious path but rather takes you through secret little passages full of twists and turns and magnificent details. With immaculate track list and perfect execution, this mix is one of those that will beat the test of time. Webzine Diggndeepr wrote a nice article about the mix and had a quick chat with Joe Foxton about it. 

Syuzhet - Lake People [Mule Musiq]
Cto - Vril [Giegling]
Parallaxis (Traumprinz' Over 2 The End Remix) - Efdemin [Dial]
How RU Plush - D. Tiffany, regularfantasy [Pacific Rhythm]
Little Sunshine - The Mole [Circus Company]
Digital Love - Tom Trago [Dekmantel]
Ausländer - Ausländer [Voyage]
Eat The Heart - Aril Brikha [Something Happening Somewhere]
Bungl (Like A Ghost) feat. Jenny Hval - Lindstrom [Feedelity Recordings]
Holy Rollers - The/Das [Life And Death]
Pataphysics - Thomalla [Riotvan]
Shoulders Back - Leif [TIO-Series]
Steam - Kuniyuki Takahashi [Mule Musiq]

Iron Curtis - Tresor, September 2017

The art of warm-up DJ's is a difficult one. Very often DJ’s don’t recognize the situation and even though they are given opening slot, they are banging the room and play high-tempo music that makes very difficult for other artists to pick up from and very hard for people who come to the club to get into the right mood. Iron Curtis goes into a small group of DJ’s who can deliver a perfect warm-up set and prepare people for an amazing journey. This recording is from Tresor in Berlin where Iron Curtis opened for John Daly, The Drifter, and Oliver Deutschman. The slowly unfolding mix has a perfect pace and is eclectic enough to keep the crowd that was coming in engaged and ready for a music marathon

Jon Charnis - Robot Heart 10th Anniversary - Burning Man 2017

LA-based artist, Jon Charnis had a privilege to play the prime slot at the 10th anniversary of Robot Heart at the infamous Burning Man festival. Jon grabbed this opportunity with both hands and delivered a very special live mix that was made exclusively for that occasion and exclusively with his unreleased and never used the material. 80min performance is a very well constructed and executed voyage that has a perfect balance of darkness, dirtiness, grooves and of course mysticism that never crosses the line of being cheesy. In our humble opinion, this is arguably Jon’s best and most unique performance yet.   

Powel - When We Dip #30

Whenever we have a chance to listen to a super talented German artist, Powel, we get excited because we know Powel will have something special ready for us. Either in a shape of a mix tape or listening to him live, Powel is one of those artists that almost always is on point, with a track selection and energy delivered with a mix. The mix that Powel made ahead of his gig at ADE for When We Dip radio show is a beautiful journey that is very enjoyable to listen on different occasions during the day. 

Thomas Herb - Compost Black Sessions 434

Lossless Records co-founder and one half of mighty SBTH duo, Thomas Herb is back with a mix for infamous Compost Black Label Sessions. Thomas’ broad music knowledge puts him in a position where many DJs would love to be. During his sets Thomas can go places but always for a reason and always delivered so smoothly that you think, “this is exactly what I want to hear right now”. This mix is no exception, Thomas Herb’s carefully curated mix that includes artists like legendary Four Tet, Depeche Mode, Carl Craig as well as some of the new forces like Trikk, Anthony George Patrice and Tunnelvisions makes your perfect companion during a walk in the park, office hours or a car ride. 

Supreems - Feel My Bicep Mixtape 85

Supreems is the artist that came under our radar after his debut on amazing Lobster Theremin label. After listening and heavily supporting ‘Us together’ track, we knew that future is bright for this talented Belgian producer. Supreems did an exclusive mix for ‘Feel My Bicep’ podcast. This is what he says about the mix: ‘My record collection has been growing pretty fast in the last few months. I usually don’t keep all records and often sell a batch to the next owner. However, I have one shelf that contains records that are very dear to me and will never leave my collection. Most of the mix is a selection of these records.
Every time you open the newspaper these days it makes you feel like the world is going to shit, so when I was putting together this mix I aimed for a feeling that proves us otherwise :) ‘

Genius of Time - Aniara mix 06

The Swedish duo, Genius of Time aka Dorisburg and Arkajo are one of our favorite duets in electronic music. Having Aniara recordings as their base, this super talented duo also released EP on infamous Gerd Janson’s Running Back label. After so many years of enjoying and supporting GOT we finally had the opportunity to hear them live at this year's ADE festival as a part of Hivern Discs showcase. The GOT performance was nothing but magical, and listening to this live recording we can say that is a fair representation of what you can expect when listening Genius of Time live. Groovy, percussion-driven house, enriched with phenomenal classic house vocals is a formula that works perfectly on the dance floor. 

Benjamin Frohlich - Rinse FM 6th October 2017

Permanent Vacation boss, Benjamin Frohlich has been very busy this year. Regular touring topped with a couple of great releases under his name and numerous podcasts, presented Benjamin as very talented producer and DJ and not only as alpha and omega of Permanent Vacation. His podcasts are always fun and interesting to listen to because we are getting introduced to many fresh and never heard the material, that is coming out either on Perm Vac or some other label. This radio show for Rinse FM is no exception. Tracks from Lauer, Roman Flugel, Dorisburg and Benjamin Frohlich himself make this uplifting mix a great companion for your night out preparation.

Marvin & Guy - DHA #320

After numerous releases on labels like Hivern Discs, Correspondant, Permanent Vacation and Life & Death, the mighty Italian duo, Marvin & Guy doesn’t mean to slow down! Their latest podcast was for our friends at Deep House Amsterdam and represents that recognizable Marvin &Guy’s 80’s, and synth influenced house style in the best light. Let’s call it ‘contemporary time machine’ if that makes any sense at all ;)

DJ Tennis - Essential Mix 14th October 2017

Manfredi Romano better known as DJ Tennis, is one of the most influential artists nowadays on the electronic music scene. Either through his carefully curated label Life & death or numerous parties around the world held at very unique and cool locations, Tennis is always trying to present something new and different to the electronic music world. It was just a matter of time when will DJ Tennis take his shot at infamous Essential Mix series. The mix is eclectic music voyage that doesn’t drop in energy at any moment. Tracks by legendary Grace Jones, Goldie, Autechre, Underworld and Tevo Howard just to name few are more than enough reason for you to press play and enjoy this fabulous ride with DJ Tennis.

Sandrino - Christallization #199

When two of our dear friends join forces, final product can't be anything but astonishing. Kristijan Molnar, arguably the best and most wanted DJ from Belgrade hosted Sandrino for his 199th edition of Christallization radio show. When you listen to Sandrino’s mixes you can expect flawless mixing and impeccable track listing. Club vibe mix with tracks from Trikk, Aera, Adam Port, Toto Chiavetta and others will create a perfect representation of what’s been being played lately by mighty duo Frankey & Sandrino. 

Madmotormiquel @ Bubbles and Bass, Burning Man 2017

Our friend Madmotormiquel shared his mix from this year’s Burning Man, and boy we can just imagine the atmosphere he created playing this set at Bubbles and Bass camp. As MMM mentioned in the description of the mix, it was a Wednesday morning and he barely made it for this one after exhausting driving without sleep the night before. We are glad he made it. Exceptional groovy mix that, we are sure, put smiles on faces of everybody that was present at the party!  

Jonathan Kaspar - DHA #321

A Cologne based artist, Jonathan Kaspar stole our hearts last summer with his marvelous releases on Objektivity and KX. Maarifa and Tidjun are still on heavy rotation with our Fiction residents. Since then we've been paying close attention to Kaspar's work, both production and DJ. The latest mix of Jonathan Kaspar was made for super popular music platform Deep House Amsterdam and it's deep, melodic, grrovy and percussion driven voyage that never lacks energy and excitement. 

Tim Engelhardt - Balance Selection 055

Arguably one of the most talented young producers at this moment, Cologne-based, Tim Engelhardt is making his way to the top league slowly but surely. His productions that are being recognized and supported by many fellow artists and fans around the world allowed Tim to be a regular at many festivals and parties around the world. Just in time for his debut at Australian Strawberry Fields festival, Tim made an exclusive mix for infamous Balance Selections series. The mix is melodic house heaven made mostly of Tim’s original work and few of his favorite artists like Pablo Bolivar, Tlak and Tim Green to name few. 

1. Tim Engelhardt – I Am Here
2. Jose Vizcaíno ­- Recoding Desires (Pablo Bolivar Remix)
3. Tlak ­- Dispossessed
4. Trikk ­- Altar
5. Tim Engelhardt ­- Heart Resonance
6. Tim Engelhardt – Beyond Time (Fideles Remix)
7. Tim Engelhardt – Reality
8. Super Flu – K5000 (Tim Engelhardt Remix)
9. Toto Chiavetta – Nothing Else Matters
10. Tim Engelhardt – Eyes Closed (Tim Green Remix)

Parallells - Traffic On Mars *ADE special*

The French duo based in Holland, Parallels are two brothers Thomas and Julien de Bie. We had a chance to hear them at last years ADE after party where they played amazing set before Connaisseur crew took over. This super talented duo are also residents at Deep Klassified parties based between Amsterdam and Monaco. Parallels’ latest mix was ADE special and a fifth installment of ‘Traffic on Mars’ series. It’s astonishing music voyage, deep, melodic and groovy. It’s the set that will put a smile on your face. 

Rampa - Keinemusik Radio Show 20th October 2017

Keinemusik established the name for themselves as one of the most popular labels in last few years. Their founders, Rampa, &me and Adam Port represent the label in the best way wherever they perform, and their every release gets wide recognition by both DJ’s and fans around the world. Keinemusik radio show is a highly anticipated podcast that attracts a great number of listeners on a regular basis. The latest episode of the radioshow is a property of Rampa and it’s Keinemusik style all the way. Recognizable tribal and percussion driven style with bold vocals makes this mix very party friendly. Turn up the volume and dance!