Davis - Watu EP

by Nicko Fier

Davis lands his new 'Watu' Ep on ENDLESS records, showcasing his versatility as he transforms his fusion of electronica with organic textures. The EP showcases how small details really can take production to a whole another level of sound. 

Yuma, takes us on ethereal journey through time and sound. Davis creates so much space with this track causing a “lost in your head” feeling. Beautifully arranged percussion keep you motivated to explore the track on the dance floor. Davis generates an alluring connection between mystery, tribal and electronica keeping a balance between each element throughout the whole track. 

Watu, slows down the vibe and transports you immediately to a rainforest discotheque. A funky aggressive arpeggiated synth drives the track for the first two and half minutes. We witness Davis explore his creativity right after as he allows both his organic merge with his synthetic sound design. The track welcomes a “hypnotic” sound keeping you at your feet ready to expect anything. This is one of those tracks that you press play and eight minutes pass by and it feels like seconds. Beautiful.
Forbidden, I actually think the name of this record goes so well with it the sound that it carries. A flirtatious and very sexy sound carries the track. You notice the middle eastern/arabian nights feel which really give it an outstanding finishing touch. This track will fit so well within the Burning Man community and those sunrise sets in the Playa.

As we all might be expected, Luca Bacchetti captures the listener's attention with a remix distinguished by percussive elements. The  arrangement characterised by repeated changes of scene, just as the record appears to close, it comes back around and keep the dancefloor moving with another killer break. 

The whole EP works so well, each track working together, creating a connection with the listener that not many producers can do. This is not your average EP of banger after banger. This is creativity, and granular detail that pushes the boundaries of today's modern sound.