Birds ov Paradise - Varberg EP

by Isabel Officer Thomson

Sweden’s Birds ov Paradise, real name David Sabel is a multi-faceted artist working with music production, glitch graphics, sound visuals, and installation art as mediums. His latest release out now on KÄRVT imprint is four tracks EP of dark ambient, dubby techno. 

Opening with “Varberg Ljud” the track takes you on a mysterious and eerie trip conjuring visuals of acid rain and gloomy clouds. Following on with “Bumliga Ljud”, the production continues with its trippy and glitchy vibe but also with some industrial undertones. Eerie synths fade in and out whilst the same hypnotic two bar loop progresses until fading out at the end of the track.

Following on is “Badman” which kicks off with a strong wobbly bassline beat and rhythm. High pitched synth sequences twist in and out as does a distorted, gurgling and muffled vocal loup who one assumes is the ‘bad man’

Picking up the pace for the closing track “I mina plågade öron” the theme is once again ambient but lighter and more playful. A male voice muttering and echoing in the background adds the expected level of weird to round out the Sabel’s EP. 

This is the third EP Birds ov Paradise has put out in 2017 alone together with few remixes as well, which is an impressive body of work for any established and known producer. If this year is anything to go by, then the only way is up for this talented Swedish soundsmith.