Best New Mixes from January

We continue with the same pace in the new year. 20 carefully picked mixes from super talented DJ's from around the world. 

The Drifter – Lux, Lisbon

Drifty is back with yet another stellar set. This time we have a live recording from the Lux club in Lisbon, where The Drifter played alongside his Maeve comrades Mano Le tough and Baikal and legends like Isolee and Gilb’r. The set has a perfect flow, very mellow and dreamy introduction that develops into a percussive driven acid infused journey. The Drifter in his best.

Nuno Dos Santos - 3voor12 Yearmix 2016

SoHaSo label boss, Nuno Dos Santos keeps impressing us with his superb mix sets. His broad musical knowledge reflects into inspiring music tales that can be listened over and over again. This time Nuno made a ‘year mix’ which presents his favorites of last year. It’s not a club hits mix but lovely music tale filled with such an amazing tracks by artists like Leon Vynehall, DJ Koze, Prince of Denmark, Dorisburg just to name few. 

LOR - Liquid Youth Podcast 006

Lunar Orbit Rendezvous or LOR is artist hailing from Belfast. We’ve been featuring work of this extremely talented artist regularly in FictionLab, and we always look forward to hearing what’s new cooking in his lab. This time we have an exclusive mix that LOR made for music platform from Amsterdam – Liquid Youth. It’s an hour mix filled with percussive grooves, afro vocal motifs and some trippy bass-lines that will make your head shake. Another lovely mix by LOR.

Job Jobse - De School Takeover, Rinse FM

Nowadays in order to make a breakthrough as a DJ, one has to have decent music production work on their CV. There are handfuls of DJ’s who do only DJing, one of them is Amsterdam-based Job Jobse. Job’s path to the ‘premier league’ of DJs went from internship at Innervisions, to booker at infamous Trouw, to label manager of Life & Death. Job Jobse is touring the world on a regular basis now, he is resident at the new club in Amsterdam, De School, the club that opened after infamous Trouw closed in early 2015. De School has become arguably the best club in Amsterdam since its opening. This mix is exclusive for Rinse FM, London based record label and radio. It represents De School takeover, and of course, there was no better person to represent De School then Job Jobse. Job made a wonderful break beat driven mix that combines elements of techno and electro and makes a powerful one hour journey that will make your inner clubber very happy. 

1.    Beaumont Hannant - Utuba
2.    Lanark Artefax - Touch Abscence
3.    The Future Sound Of London - Pulse State
4.    Young Wolf - Kabuki (Spiritual Mix)
5.    Ross 154 - Until My Heart Stops…
6.    Balil - Norte Route
7.    B.F.C. - Please Stand By
8.    Radioactive Man - Uranium
9.    The Horn - Villager
10.    Missing Channel - Edge Of Infinity
11.   Reload - Peschi

Cleveland - The Ransom Note Mix

Andrea Mancini aka Cleveland is an artist hailing from Luxembourg, currently residing in Brussels. With outstanding releases on some of our favorite labels such as Hivern Discs and Permanent Vacation, Cleveland stole our heart in an instance. His exceptional production was accompanied with a stellar live performance that we witnessed at last years ADE festival, where he was part of Hivern Discs showcase. This exclusive mix was made for good folks at Ransom Note from London. It’s an ‘easy listening’ mix with perfect flow and smooth transitioning that can be enjoyed on various occasions.   

Joakim - Best of Music You can Dance to in 2016

Joakim is French electronic music artist, whose unique approach to music making and DJing puts him in a small group of forward-thinking artists that are willing to take risks and try something new and innovative. Joakim currently resides in Brooklyn, where he opened Crowdspacer studio in which he produced his latest album ‘Samurai’ set to be released in March via his own Tigersushi imprint. This mix represents Joakim’s favorite tracks from last year that he played the most during his sets. Eclectic heaven packed in 2.5 hrs of super quality music.

Denis Horvat  - Culture Box Podcast 047

Denis has been under our radar for a while now. This super talented Danish producer has been making all the right moves lately and with releases on labels like Innervisions, Exit Strategy and Aeon, he slowly but surely establishes a name for himself as a prolific producer with bright future ahead of him. For this month we have an exclusive mix for Copenhagen’s infamous night club, Culture Box, and their podcast series. Tracks by Rampa, Eagles & Butterflies, Lazaros, Marcus Worgull and Denis himself make this mix an absolute late night companion. Put the headphones on crank up the volume (not too much ☺ ), and be transported to the center of a dance floor with Denis Horvat in charge for the next hour.

Aera - Focus On

Ralph Schmidt better known as Aera is no stranger to FictionLab. We’ve been constantly supporting this exceptionally talented artist who doesn’t fail to impress us with either his original production, remixes or mix sets. This is the mix Aera made for Berlin’s radio station FluxFM. The mix is in typical Aera style, deep, groovy, spiced with some acid and percussions. 

Axel Boman - Rinse FM

Swedish producer and DJ, Axel Boman made his breakthrough with a single ‘Purple Drunk’ on Koze’s Pampa records in 2010. After that Boman’s career has been going just upwards. Besides busy touring and time spent in the studio, Axel also runs his own label Studio Barnhus. Axel Boman often works and performs alongside John Talabot under Talaboman moniker, and we should expect their debut LP ‘The Night Land’ coming out in March via R&S records. This magnificent eclectic 2-hour music journey was recorded exclusively for radio Rinse FM from London.

Eagles & Butterflies - Live at BPM Festival 2017

Chris Barrat aka Eagles & Butterflies has taken electronic music by storm in 2016. His tracks have been played all over the world by the biggest names in electronic music. We had the honor to host E&B in April last year for his NYC debut and it was nothing but magical. Stay tuned for something special that we prepare for you this summer (pssst E&B will be there ☺) but till then you can enjoy this live recording from his set at BPM Festival in Mexico at Bedrock showcase where he played alongside Bog and John Digweed. 

Moscoman - RA Podcast 555

Rising star from Israel, Moscoman had a very busy 2016. From running his own label ‘Disco Halal’, to putting out some really interesting and original productions to playing gigs all over Europe, this super talented artist made a name for himself as one of the most in-demand new artist around. His latest mix is the mix for infamous RA podcast series. It’s a unique journey through different genres and tempos, filled with some of Moscoman’s unreleased tracks and very cool edits of Brazilian and Russian music. This is what Moscoman said about this mix in the RA interview: Straight-up is not really my kind of mix, so I try to be diverse and captivate the listeners. Plus, I have tons of music and if this is not the place to play it out then I don't know where is. There's some really cool new music on it, some old stuff, some tributes. It feels like a real sum of an era, but with an eye on the future.

V - Nautilus Rising Podcast 2

Mysterious act, V, which had its debut release for Fort Romeau’s Cin Cin label last year is back with new EP on Nautilus Rising label. To celebrate it’s the latest release, V made this exclusive mix for Nautilus podcast series. It’s a mix that will tell you more about what V is all about, about it’s influences and it’s sound. From atmospheric to synth pop to funk, this mix is one of the most original we heard this month.    

Powel - Deep Loni Frequency

In last few years Powel has established his name as a master of a deep, dreamy and atmospheric house. Whether you listen to Powel at a tropical beach in Tulum, dark warehouse in Brooklyn or Black Rock dessert, he will take you to an unforgettable and very enjoyable journey. New mix that Powel made for ‘Our Deep Movement’ blog from India is yet another blissful music tale in perfect harmony. 

Mantom - Revelation
Kettenkarussel - Of Course (Lawrence Remix)
Deer - Spooky Action At A Distance (Dwig's Evocational Remix)
Baaz - Yourz
Gable, Grant & Harlow - After Zola
Andre Gardeja - Return
Lude Jaw - R U Ready
Efdemin - Sun
Things From The Basement - No One Belongs Here More Than You (Sevensol Remix)
Chaos In The CBD - Subterranean Storm
Leafar Legov - Your Vibe
Jede - Amaebi (Iron Curtis Remix)
Supreems - Us Together
No-Man - Heaven Taste (Tin Man Remix)
John Beltran - A New Room

Francesco Chiocci - art:cast #008

Young Italian producer, Francesco Chiocci, put his name on the underground electronic music map with two widely successful releases last year – ‘Black Sunrise’ released via Connaisseur and ‘Nightmares’ released via Innervisions. Our friends from Torture The Artist made an amazing interview with Francesco who also made this exclusive mix for them which is the perfect combination of deep, tribal and afro house. 

Ata - Robert Johnson X-mas mix 2016

The owner of the infamous night club ‘Robert Johnson’ and label boss of Klang, Playhouse and Ongaku, Ata, is one of those DJ’s that has a special touch when it comes to delivering a DJ set. He likes to keep things interesting and is not afraid of taking risks while behind the decks. Ata’s live recording from Folklor Club in Lausanne is just that – fun, uplifting and groovy music tale. Tracks from Red Axes, Ewan Pearson, Maceo Plex, Young Marco, LOR and John Talabot all found a way to Ata’a X-mas mix.   

Ateq - The Bunker Podcast 140

Ahead of the Giegling’s first ever world tour, named Planet Giegling, when the whole crew will visit cities like NYC, Tokyo, Paris, Beijing, Berlin and others, and where their fans around the world will have a chance to experience what is Giegling all about, one of their members Florian Lepa aka Ateq made exclusive podcast for infamous NY techno promoters Bunker who will host Planet Giegling in Brooklyn. Mesmerizing deep and atmospheric mix by Ateq will make you listen to it over and over again. There is a reason why Giegling is one of the best record labels in the world, and one reason for sure is having an artist like Ateq on board. 

Lowtec - RA Label Of The Month *Workshop*

Lowtec is a mastermind behind one of our favorite labels - Workshop, a label that focuses on warm, lean, dryly funky—and also a style, one that's based on quality over quantity: limited vinyl, high-end packaging, and an unhurried release schedule. With artists like Move D and Kassem Mosse who regularly release on Workshop, over the years label has become one of the cult ones. Resident Advisor featured Workshop as a label of the month, and Lowtec made this exclusive mix of unreleased tracks and his recent favorites. Workshop style mix all the way!!

Kristijan Molnar - Christalization #179

Kristijan is one of the Belgrade’s most popular DJ’s at this moment, and it’s for a reason. He brought refreshing energy to Belgrade’s nightlife with marvelous party series at infamous 20/44 boat and Belgrade’s techno temple ‘Dragstor’. Kristijan also runs Christalization radio show where he invites a very interesting underground artist from around the globe for exclusive mixes. This time we present you Kristijan’s part of the show where he introduced some of the ‘music from the future’ featuring tracks from Frankey & Sandrino, Isolee, Tornado Wallace and Matthew Dear to name few. 

Kimou - Runecast #4

Kimou is a talented DJ from Amsterdam who also successfully runs one of the most popular underground music platforms Deep House Amsterdam. He’s been playing regularly in Netherlands and lately, he’s been playing around the globe. This mix is exclusive for Lithuanian record label Runemark and their podcast Runecast. It’s groovy journey spiced with 80’s electro and synth-pop towards the end ready to destroy any dance floor.

Derrick Vnuk - Rainforest Music Podcast 51

Derrick Vnuk, one of the best Vancouver’s underground DJ’s, is back on our list with another great mix that he made for Rainforest Music blog. After being featured exclusively on Rainforest blog, the mix is now available on Soundcloud for our enjoyment. The mix compiles tracks by some of our favorite artists like Fort Romeau, The Drifter, Love Over Entropy, LOR and Jimi Jules to name a few.