Track Of The Moment

by Slava Malkin

INTERIOR: BEDROOM – MORNING. Through a small window cracked open, a sliver of grey gloomy sky is seeping through, illuminating a man, sprawled out on his bed, asleep but tossing and turning as about to wake up. A cuckoo clock is ticking away on a distant wall. In the corner, an old school TV set is flickering, receptionless, white noise spewing from its speaker into the room (CUE white noise sound). A melancholic Rhodes piano riff is playing over the radio (CUE keyboard riff).  The man suddenly jerks up on the bed, awake, drenched in sweat, heart pounding (CUE kick drum), pupils dilated, the fog of incessant thoughts enveloping the mind as soon as consciousness is regained (CUE interior monologue vocals).  Without pause anxiety spikes, eyes grow wider, pounding intensifies (CUE the bassline), thoughts swarm and enclose and push and trap, and the downward spiral of a man locked in his own mind, temporarily interrupted by restless sleep, resumes anew.

We've all seen this movie scene before. Countless times. Hearing it is a different story and Superpitcher's version of Joakim's 'Life on the Beach' paints a perfect sonic portrait of that scene. In structure and pacing, the track leans towards cinematic over dancey in combining diverse elements together and in taking its time to properly expose the scene.  And the track is designed not to make you dance but to make you feel claustrophobic on a dance floor.  Mission accomplished...I need to get out of there...

Life On the Beach (Superpitcher remix) was released through collaboration of Joakim's Crowdspacer label and Superpitcher's Hippie Dance label on February 15th