LOR - Versions II

by Irina Kotik

Creative Belfast producer Lunar Orbit Rendevouz or simply LOR is a name we’ll be watching closely throughout 2017. Equally focused on twisted grooves and intricate melodic structures, the versatile producer has been consistently stamping his authority on underground electronic music with his multiple perspectives on sound, and his innovative approach to production.

Since his first appearance in 2015 via Hivern Discs sub-label HVN Records with impressive remixes of classics by Arthur Russell, Kraftwerk, and Derrick Carter as a 'Versions I' package, LOR has already built a steady back catalogue with releases on Atomnation, Cin Cin and Exit Strategy. LOR just released 'Versions II' package with two more stabs of irresistible dance floor action in the form of remixes of Chicago house icon Larry Heard, also known as Mr. Fingers.

The soulful and deeply emotional ode to a remembrance of love from the past, “Missing You” became an instant classic, since its release back in 2000. Re-shaping the original tune, LOR holds the sturdy kicks and a persistent array of hi-hats as the foundation to maintain the mesmeric groove, but throws in a penetrating vocal that evokes the 50s in America. All the elements come seamlessly together to form an elegant, deep, and immersive tapestry of a truly unique sonic quality.

Larry Heard - Missing You (LOR remix) is free for download via this link. 

The rework of “Guidance” further displays LOR’s ability to create a gorgeous, melting pot of percussive grooves, funky effects, twisted synth lines, and thrilling harmonic layers of instrumental and vocal arrangements. With a blend of reflective lyricism and forward-thinking sonics, LOR delivers a mesmerising remix for the dancefloor.

Larry Heard - Guidance (LOR remix) is free to download via this link