Track Of The Moment

by Slava Malkin

You know the feeling when, on a warm sunny spring day, you wake up rested and full of energy, shuffle lazily towards a window, open it and a gentle gust of warm wind swirls into your room and whispers "hello!"...and suddenly you just want to dance, dance, dance and embrace the world. Well, that's exactly how Tropical Jam starts: with a "hello". And what follows is music so pure, sunny and light that you cannot resist but smile and move.  Go ahead!  Try it!  I dare you to resist! Map.ache is a master of his domain and his domain usually leans towards lighter, pastel shades of the tonal palette.  Tropical Jam is no exception and, while his productions could get fairly aurally involved, he eschews complexity for this immediate "Hello, I am happy! Let's dance!" vibe that possesses you so quickly, that, while reason is trying to reason, your various limbs are already caught shaking, tapping and finger snapping in one happy dance formation. Can your techno do THAT?