Pablo Bolivar - Hideaway EP

by Isabel Thomson Officer

‘Hideaway’ EP by Barcelona producer Pablo Bolivar has been enjoying some pretty high rotation amongst the Fiction crew over the last couple of months. Released just two months ago on Italian producer Luca Bacchetti’s label Endless, this beautiful EP features two superbly produced tracks that we just can’t seem to get enough of. ‘Hideaway’ and ‘Dahnser’ are two excellent examples of what this amazing producer with well over ten years of production experience is capable of when it comes to complex grooves that are dark, twisted and melodic.

The self-titled track ‘Hideway’ opens with a bouncing driving bass beat followed by sudden energetic industrial snaps that sound a lot like metal tin flapping in the wind that echo in the background towards the end of each musical phrase. Light snares slowly pick up as the kick drum builds moment which is then followed by short and bouncy major arpeggio synths. It’s here that the bassline melody picks up, complimenting the high-pitched melodic jabs that become increasingly prominent as the track works towards finding its true heart and soul as a dark and twisted melodic techno track. With so many layers that twist and turn as the track progresses, the complexity of the production is apparent and actually quite astounding. Featuring an intricate high-end and bassline melody accompanied by various percussion that twists and turn, Hidea way works in harmony with each of the various levels creating a seriously hypnotic groove. Close your eyes and let the depth of this hypnotic melody sweep right over you - trust us on this one.

The second and final track on Bolivar’s EP ‘Dahnser’ stays true to his signature melodic and groovy sound yet features a lightness that makes this one a great choice for day time listening and sun-drenched dancing. It opens with a strong beat and long one-note synths alongside faint percussive bells that set the tone for this sublime and cruisey track. As the track builds the kick snares enter alongside the solid downtempo bassline. It’s when an almost deep growling vocal sound enters signaling the addition of the light and floating arpeggio melody that lightly sits over the top of the track which return several times marking the melodic loops of the track. As more percussion and drums enter all in sync and harmony with one another, Dahnser builds up to a series of claps that then give way to the bridged melodic bass line that ascends towards the high-noted climax of the track that soars high above before dropping in and out alongside the original alto arpeggio melody. With percussion, high and low melody so deeply intertwined, this makes for a beautiful ending to this two track release.