Sonar 2017 Highlights

Festival season is in full bloom and for sure one of the most popular and the most interesting festival of the summer season is infamous Sonar in Barcelona.
A few weeks ago we wrote about the parties you should attend at Sonar this year, and now we have highlights of some of those parties for you. 

First on our agenda was the Afterlife party. As assumed initially, Mano Le Tough delivered the key performance for me. He totally softened up the crowd with groovy gems, such as 'Thoughts' by Dukwa ft. MarG. He also dropped one of the tunes of the weekend, namely Jimi Jules' remix of 'Take Words In Return' by Henrik Schwarz
On a personal note, I'll remember this stellar remix as THE Off Sonar tune of 2017

On Saturday we went to the Maeve party at Nitsa Club. I fell in love with the incredible sound system which blew me off my feet when I listened to Boddika's set 2 years ago. It was a nice party, the atmosphere could have been better tough.  I had the impression that people hardly moved, but few crews kept the vibe alive and dance throughout the whole party!
And again, Mano delivered the most striking performance (he opened his set with Leafar Legov's 'Your Vibe' right after Baikal's techno-driven set). Of course, the rest of the crew also did very well. 


Oh boy, how can we describe the magic that occurred on Sunday during the takeover of Plaza Major by the arguably most promising line up of the whole Off Sonar week? Needless to say that the execution of the whole event was incredibly overwhelming. All performances prior to Dixon's takeover - starting from Job Jobse “flipper giggle” tune that put a smile on almost every face, up to the bittersweet live sounds of Schwarzmann - blended into a harmonious, interrelated and cumulative warm up.  None of the tracks played by the artists of the day screamed "main-stager". On the contrary, hidden power was found in sweet melodies and groovy tunes which changed up the experience in levels of intimacy at Plaza Mayor.  John Talabot’s performance which revolved just before sundown took the party up a notch. His set gradually ascended it's peak as the natural lights changed and correspondingly, the excitement began to increase in the build up to the most eagerly anticipated attraction of the night, Dixon. The bar was set high by the impeccable artists that Innervisions brought along for Off Sonar’s closing ride, and Dixon raised it even higher with his mind blowing selections. From the driving rhythms of Mr. Raoul K & Manoo to heavier baselines including repeating vocal formulas, such as “Transparency”, Dixon maintained unequivocally his vital connection to the moving crowd. Shortly before the end of his performance, he sent both house and techno lovers into a state of sheer appreciation by seamlessly blending the vocals from Depeche Mode’s “Cover Me” into an affecting Afro House rhythm.