Masaya - Haumea (Patlac Edition)

by Dorian Goldman

Swiss-Chilean producer, DJ, and record label owner Masaya, gets a startling sonic makeover on her new album, 'Picking Up The Pieces', which debuted earlier this year on Chapter 24. She links up with well-established producers to bring together a musically diverse, mighty 13 track remix package, 'Picking Up The Pieces {The Editions}, featuring revisions from Ripperton, Love Over Entropy, Patrice Baumel, Paul Nolan, Patlac, Neil Flynn, Johannes Brecht among others.
Worth noting as well on this album, is a stellar remix of Time Goes Fast by Paul Nolan. He reinterprets the original, rather melancholic, track into a dreamy, uplifting one - perfect for the beginning of summer.

For this review however, we are going to focus on Patlac’s rendition of Haumea.

Patlac continues to earn respect with FictionLab as a Producer and Remixer for his innovative and sensitive approach to sound. His new release on Chapter 24, an adaptation of Masaya - Haumea, is beautifully crafted into his own unique style, without disrupting the original intent of the track. His signature elements; moody vocal stabs, dreamy synths and a driving bass line are all incorporated smoothly in Masaya’s piece.

To achieve that unique sound, Patlac employs a number of transformations to Haumea. The haunting vocal stab that underlies the original track is translated into something more gritty and mechanical. Perhaps, the most noticeable difference is the softer, angelic vocal hum that substitutes for the driving bass line. The result is a groovy layer that augments the primary tone. While Masaya chooses a soporific fadeout, Patlac opts for a momentum building kick. 

Patlac is not the only DJ who recognized the raw potential in Haumea. Love Over Entropy also decided to remix the track, however in an entirely contrasting manner to Patlac. Love Over Entropy interpreted the track in a more energetic manner, speeding up the BPM and also adding major notes which contributes to a subtle positive sounding layering of the original. While Love Over Entropy brings out the dance of Haumea, ultimately Patlac chooses to stray less from the original intention of Masaya for this track. 

Patlac once again demonstrates his exceptional ability, through intricate craftsmanship and taste, to retell a story from a unique perspective. While a subtle adjustment from the original track by Masaya, it’s nonetheless a  brilliant adaptation. We look forward to seeing what he has in store for us next.