Between Ourselves - Odyssey EP + Track Premiere

by Isabel Thomson-Officer

Between Ourselves are a relatively new trio on the scene hailing from Waterford, Ireland. Consisting of Geoff Foley, Stephen O' Keeffe and Davin Coady, the lads have released only exceptional deep house tunes since collaborating. Following on from the success of their Nostalgia EP released in October 2016 on Republik Music Recordings, their latest six-track EP out now on the Galaktika Records imprint is nothing short of top-notch electronica and deep house production at its best. Featuring three originals “Tunnel Vision”, “Fresh Mandarines”, and the title-track “Odyssey”,  the EP also consists of three remixes - two from Melokolektiv (“Tunnel Vision” and “Odyssey”) and another from Gadi Mitrani (“Odyssey’). 

Opening with a floating melodic soundscape, “Tunnel Vision” sets the progressive, atmospheric vibe that will continue throughout the rest of the EP. The track gradually builds momentum and richness before dropping away to a bassline driven melody with floating eerie sounds drifting in and out over the top, creating a superbly chilled out daytime tune. For the second track, talented producer Melokolektiv provides a percussion-driven interpretation of “Tunnel Vision” which is more upbeat yet still manages to maintain its progressive and hypnotic quality. 

The third track “Fresh Mandarines” opens with long synth chords that fade in and out with higher long keys playing over the top. It isn’t until the thirty second mark that the beat kicks in which is soon followed by a melodic sequence which slowly builds up. The snare drops in as long synth notes once again fade in and out all working in perfect melodic harmony with one another. The bass line easily hops in and out with ease, leaving the melody to speak for itself as angelic like synths wash in and out over the top creating a beautiful soundscape best enjoyed at the end of a big night or whilst relaxing with friends at home.

Following on is the title track “Odyssey” which opens with a progressive synth sequence and a driving bass beat which is soon joined by the snare kick. At roughly 50 seconds, the beat drops out and the sequence fades to the background as a loud long sound soars through. Shortly the beat and the kick return before being joined by low piano keys and unique flute like sounds that twirl in and out throughout the rest of the tune. Able to exist without a main beat, the melody takes center stage several times throughout before returning with full force and gusto for what feels like a truly sun-soaked yet still relaxed dancefloor number. 

Rounding out the EP are the last two tracks both of which are remixes of the EP’s lead track “Odyssey”. The first comes from Turkish producer Gadi Mitrani who recreates the original with a fresh approach and strong melodic emphasis whilst still staying true to the track’s atmospheric roots. Closing out the EP is Melokolektiv’s club-appropriate remix with its strong 4x4 beat. When the repetitive melody is added, the track becomes instantly recognizable from the original. 

Listening to this stellar release from up and comers Between Ourselves, it’s truly easy to see why they have gained the support of established artists including Frankey & Sandrino, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Mano Le Tough, The Drifter and many other industry peers - we can’t wait to see what they come up with next!