Frankey & Sandrino - Virgo EP

by Isabel Officer-Thomson

When Frankey & Sandrino say they’re releasing a new EP, we stop everything we’re doing and wait with baited breath for it to drop. Their stellar EP ‘Wega’ released on Innervisions earlier this year was an absolute raging hit across dance floors with the self-titled track taking center stage of many DJ sets. 

When we received an invitation to preview the new EP out July 7th on their own imprint Sum Over Histories we immediately said ‘yes’! Featuring two tracks ‘Solaris’ and ‘Virgo’, 'Virgo' EP  has all the characteristics to create another two underground dance music anthems proving once again why Frankey & Sandrino really are at the forefront of the production game.

Both tracks on the EP are hypnotic featuring a mix of percussion and unique melodic sounds. The opening track ‘Solaris’ commences with a bassline melody and a driving bass beat which progresses throughout the track as alto synths rise and fall with the bassline melody. The track features triangles, percussion, and alto synths that all swirl in and out of one another continuously creating a trance-like ambience. Coupled with the introduction of a descending high note melodic sequence that abruptly soars over the top of the second half of the track as well as a jungle-like xylophone which adds a real tribal element, Solaris is a hauntingly beautiful opener to the latest EP by talented producers Frankey & Sandrino.

The second and final track of their EP, ‘Virgo’ opens with a strong 4x4 beat with doorbell like sounds that fade in and out as well as a sudden industrial, harsh static sound towards the end of each phrase. At around 30 seconds, a two note alto keyboard melody is added as additional percussion chimes in and builds just as a buzzing insect-like sound takes over the main melody for a brief instance. As the track climbs and builds towards its climax, a new melody is introduced as the percussion continues and original static industrial sound continues. With hand drums, synths, snares, percussion and so much more, Virgo is a superbly produced track that will be no doubt receiving some very high rotation play on deep house and techno dancefloors from New York to Berlin and further afield.