Tim Engelhardt & Leonard Bywa - Chymera EP

by Isabel Officer-Thomson

Many in New York will know Cityfox as the masterminds behind the sonic playground, The Brooklyn Mirage. Known for their epic Brooklyn parties with state of the art production, the Swiss promoters of course also have their own label. Out now on the Cityfox label, Chymera is a two track EP from Cologne’s incredibly talented artist Tim Engelhardt featuring a collaboration with Leonard Bywa on the title track. Featuring lots of synths, percussion and driving bass, Engelhardt’s two track release is full of melody demonstrating his knack for exceptional production.

The self-titled collab track “Chymera” opens with a strong bass beat, light percussion, and one long synth note played in one continuous motion. Once the snare enters, more and more percussion is added before the melody makes its first and brief debut, but it’s not for nearly another minute before the main sequence takes center stage. Set in a minor key, the hypnotic alto synths appear full force and full of energy, with dark and twisted bass sounds flowing in and out which are complemented by a high note whistle appearing in the background. Melody and percussion progress together in perfect harmony for the remainder of the track before quietly fading out to percussion, and closing out with intense and deep bass sounds alongside warped percussion. It’s a dancefloor banger that has its place in the club at the peak of a set.

The final track opens with percussion shakers and a short alto synth sequence. A snare/clap soon appears on every second beat as does a high note synth sequence. “Ida” continues it’s progressive vibe as more synths and various melodies twist in and out creating a layered track filled with harmony, hand drums and unique sounds. Dreamlike synths enter towards the second half of the track giving it a slightly ethereal edge, creating a soundscape that is perfectly suited to an outdoor setting at sunrise.