Chaim - The Perfect Circle EP

by Isabel Thomson-Officer

Talented Israeli DJ and producer, Chaim released a brand new EP The Perfect Circle which is nothing short of a beautiful soundscape capturing electronic beats meets Middle Eastern inspired sounds. Comprised of three superb tracks with lots of vocal loops featuring throughout, The Perfect Circle is out on Disco Halal. Led by Moscoman, Disco Halal’s sound is described as where the Holy Land meets Berlin capturing all the kaleidoscopic sounds in between and we couldn’t think of a more perfect fit for Chaim’s latest release.

The opener “The Perfect Circle” features a strong nu-wave disco sounding beat that is reminiscent of an 80’s New Order tune. Once the eerie synths start to fade in and out and the snare kicks in, it’s clear that Chaim has other plans to take us somewhere much more mysterious and progressive. A Middle Eastern inspired sequential melody twirls in and out throughout as the tune continues with its heavily driven disco beat. Female vocal loops create a stuttering effect which later in the track will open up to foreign lyrics whispering to the melody. The progressive beat which meets a Middle Eastern melody portrayed with synths is genius and makes for a solid start that sets the melodic and vocal tone for the rest of the EP.

The second track on the EP “Ha Alla” puts a lot of focus once again on vocals opening with them on the loop before a low bassline melody jumps in and a bouncing sequence plays in the background. The phrase ends with looped vocals and eerie industrial sounds dropping in unexpectedly. Just before the one minute mark, the Middle Eastern sounding melody drops in accompanied by gentle hand drums. A female voice loops in, stuttering the words which are soon joined by ethereal synths with a voice like quality. Soon the synths are replaced with an angel like vocals and xylophones focused on the Middle Eastern themed melody. At four minutes when the track reaches its climax, a super high synth or vocal soars in before once again returning to the bassline melody. Towards the end of the track the melody and sequences become quite spooky and dissonant, before closing out with a percussion finish.

The closing track “Slower Circle” befits its title with a noticeably slower BPM and length than the other two on the EP. Opening with light percussion, soon a chord progression drops in which sets the scene for what could be the opening credits of an 80s horror flick or Season 2 of Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ - super spooky with lots of synths! A female vocal stutters in as it crescendos in and then fades out, disappearing and then returning as a vibration once again. A male vocal joins in humming a minor melody much like a lullaby followed by a female voice whispering in and out over the top in a hard to make out the language. Replacing the vocals when they drop out is a harmonious high note and slow descending synth sequence which works in perfect harmony with the lullaby like melody.

Seamlessly blending melody, harmony, vocals, and Middle Eastern inspired sounds played on synthesizers, The Perfect Circle perfectly captures the sounds of where East meets West, demonstrating Chaim’s incredible talents as a truly progressive producer.