Best New Mixes from August

We have hand picked plenty of interesting mix sets that we enjoyed listening throughout the month of August. There are eclectic sets that cover a wide range of amazing music, live recordings from the festivals and parties around the world, podcasts and some powerful peak time techno sets. You'll find music for any occasion you are in. 

Lukas Bohlender - Compost Black Sessions #248

Lukas Bohlender, a Munich based artist, is one of the newcomers of infamous Compost Records who keeps impressing us with both his original productions and DJ sets. His second ever “Golden Hour” EP just came out on Compost Records and we absolutely love it. In the light of his new EP, Lukas made a new podcast for Compost Black Sessions. It was very refreshing listening to this mix because Lukas du little deeper into his crate and included some of our long time favorites, like Todd Terje’s remix of Antenna, Kollektiv Turmstrasse’s Schwindellig and The Drifter’s edit of Nils Frahm. You can also hear Lukas’ new EP in action towards the end of the mix. Beautifully crafted with the top-notch track list, this mix was one of our favorite ones last month.

01. Natural Sciences - B2 Aquarium - Rainy Night In Shibuya(外神田Deepspace Slow Down Mix)
02. Antena - Camino Del Sol (Todd Terje Remix)
03. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Schwindelig
04. Stimming - Die Machtigen
05. Talaboman - Loser's Hymn
06. Samuel - Numberuma
07. Nils Frahm - Peter (The Drifter Edit)
08. Avus - Furry Hat
09. Aaron Ahrends - Casiotone 401 (Dave DK Edit)
10. Madpac - Angry Nerds (Philipp Stoya Remix)
11. Tom Trago - Next Fase
12. Lukas Bohlender - Club Château
13. Lukas Bohlender - Portamento
14. Ahmed Malek - Arabic Proto Electronic Music #1 (Unreleased)

Alex Dallas - DPC Show 108

Head honcho of Zurich based label Drumpoet Community, Alex Dallas is yet another phenomenal DJ hailing from Switzerland. More than 20 years of experience of touring the world as a DJ and running the best club in Zurich – Zukunft have certainly influenced Alex and the way he approaches in delivering a quality DJ set. His latest DPC Show was such a pleasurable journey. It’s the mix that you can listen over and over and every time pick a new favorite track on it. Pure eclectic music paradise.

Kiasmos - Watergate Podcast #26

The magnificent duo Kiasmos made an instant impact with their debut album a few years ago. Their blend of classical and electronic music won hearts of many music fans around the world. Now Olafur Arnalds and Janus Rasmussen are coming back with their new album in a month or so and they made an exclusive mix for infamous Watergate podcast series. The mix is exactly what you would expect to hear from this super talented duo, and in this case, that’s a good thing. Melancholic and emotional mix that will make you a perfect company during rainy days. 

Nicola Cruz - BIS Radio Show #299

French born, Quito based producer, Nicola Cruz visited NY recently to play alongside Quantic at Brooklyn’s Good Room. Nicola also used that opportunity to pay a visit to Tim Sweeney’s infamous Beats in Space radio. Cruz delivered an excellent mix that was a true journey through electronic music. Unique and original mix that was very interesting and pleasurable to listen to.

1. Bufiman - Peace Moves - Dekmantel
2. Nicola Cruz - Tzantza (Simple Symmetry 'Folklorica' Remix) - Multi Culti
3. Cain - Sirin - High Life
4. Motel Express - The Tress (Original Mix) - Hunt & Gather
5. Lena Platonos - Lego (Lena Willikens Remix) - Dark Entries
6. Blondes - Clipse - R&S Records
7. Maelstrom - Tank Diving - Zone
9. Paul Woolford - Chaos (Original Mix) - Edible
10. Awanto 3, Dexter - Thick Featuring Dexter - Dekmantel
11. Jaguar Woman, Oni Ayhun, rRoxymore, Aquarian Jugs - DR1-1 - Noise Manifesto
12. Stephane 1993 - Address (Original Mix) - Motorik
13. Cain - Barrigan - Boogie Box Records
14. - Track 6 - 
15. - - 
16. Alix Perez - The Raven (Original Mix) - 1985 Music
17. Mala - Kotos (feat. Asociacion Juvenil Puno) - Brownswood Recordings

Hisham Zahran - DHA mix #302

The latest mix by one of the Egyptian finest exports, Hisham Zahran is a true music beauty, a real treat for every music lovers. The mix is exclusive for Deep House Amsterdam and it features tracks by such an amazing artists like Ripperton, Francis Harris, Love Over Entropy, Isolee and Move D perfectly blended into a lovely music tale.

Steffi – Sadness (Vinyl Version)
Studio OST – Eventide (Original Mix)
Ben Hoo – Reaching
Love Over Entropy Feat Ripperton – Saints De Glace
Francis Harris – Of The Field
Alejandro Mosso – Dushara (Original Mix)
Caavan – Black Snow (Isolee Remix)
Caribou – Found Out (Dj Koze Remix)
Sei A – Holding
Isolee – Floripa (Original Mix)
Antenna – Lake of X
Move D – The Incorrigible Heartthrob

Lazaros - art:cast #14

Cologne based artist Lazaros certainly knows how to leave us in awe with his mixes. Like his immaculate production with high attention to details, his mix sets are pieces of art. This time Lazaros made an exclusive mix for our friends at Torture The Artist, and what a voyage this mix is. Put your headphones and be prepared to travel deep, deep into the unknown! One of our favorite mixes in some time.

The Drifter - DGTL Barcelona 08.12.2017

Our dear friend The Drifter has posted new live recording from his set at the DGTL festival in Barcelona. 2 hours of carefully picked and immaculately blended tracks remind us why we enjoy so much whenever The Drifter is behind the decks. One of the top DJ’s in the world in action – get ready! 

Manamana - Live at Nachtdigital 2017

This year Nachtdigital Festival in Germany was a real treat for music lovers. Acts like Wighnomy Brothers, Giegling Crew, Jeff Mills, Job Jobse, and Kann crew among others made this festival an exception in the sea of summer festivals. The Kann crew, more precisely the duo Map.ache and Sevensol performed a closing set on Sunday next to the lake and by the recording, we can just imagine the atmosphere this fantastic duo made on that sunny Sunday afternoon. We are lucky to enjoy full 3hrs of their set which is a true flashback to the sound of electronic music from the beginning of the 21st century. Many of you will recognize the tracks which were the reason you started to listen to electronic music at the first place.

Arkajo - New Music Worldwide

Together with his Swedish comrade Dorisburg, Arkajo performs as a fantastic duo – Genius of Time. When the living legend Gilles Peterson invites an artist to his Worldwide Show, you can say that that artist has exceptional music knowledge. This is the mix that we are going to come back to many times. Hypnotic minimal techno at its best.

Cosmin TRG - Groove Podcast 121

Romanian artist based in Berlin, Cosmin TRG, known for his hypnotic style electronic music and releases on some of the most influential labels like Rush Hour or Running Back has made a new podcast for Groove Magazine. The mix is made exclusively of Cosmin’s original work, some released on labels like Fizic and Sportiv and also some fresh unreleased stuff. It’s dark atmospheric minimal techno that is best enjoyed loud. 

Inland - From Another Mind Podcast 002

Ed Davenport is British producer who’s been releasing quality electronic music for more than a decade. Ed’s range is very wide, from classic house to dark industrial techno. Not to confuse the fans, Ed uses his other moniker – Inland, when playing techno. This is a live recording of Inland’s set from La Graviere in Geneva. It’s a powerful peak time techno mix that will make you dance and looking for a party immediately.

Dino Sabatini - Erratic Podcast 163

Italian electronic music artist, Dino Sabatini delivered an atmospheric techno heaven with his latest podcast for NY based promoters Erratic. An hour long mix which is perfectly programmed and mixed will beat the test of time for sure. 

Matthias Meyer - Boiler Room Berlin DJ Set

Matthias is one of those rare artists that come in ‘full package’, as a talented producer as a DJ. It’s always a pleasure to listen to Matthias’ sets because he surely knows how to put you on a ride. Whether it’s dreamy deep ride – like this one which he played for Boiler Room Berlin, or groovy choppy tech set in front of thousands of people, Matthias will make you dance. For the fans of dreamy house, we got you covered, enjoy the ride with Matthias Meyer.

Hammer - BIS RAdio Show #901

Tim Sweeney’s Beats in Space had such an amazing palette of artists this month that played some of the sets that we enjoyed the most. The latest in the edition of BIS radio show was Scottish producer and DJ – Hammer. Besides his phenomenal collaborations with Bicep, Hammer released Canna EP via Loft Records a few months ago which was a huge success and supported by many DJ around the world. His mix shows us that Hammer is as talented DJ as he’s a producer. The mix has a very interesting flow where Hammer doesn’t hesitate to go places in his mix, and tracks by the legends like Phil Kieran, Sascha Funke, Isolee and Idjut Boys guarantee you quite a ride.

Sebastopol - Ride Pegase
Willow - Untitled A2
Frankey & Sandrino - Hydrae
Idjut Boys - Le Wasuk
Ian Blevins - Blocked by the Weekend
Magic Mountain High - Untitled A1
Underspreche - Drumz
Nathan Melja - Jerky Teardrop
Liaisons Dangereuses - Peut Etre ... Pas
Phil Kieran - Getting Away
Isolee - Pisco
Idjut Boys - Make It Acid
Subtenant - Evergreen Soul
Sascha Funke - Shepherd’s Crook
Mistakes Are Ok - Forgiven (Edward Remix)
Kessel Vale - Rituals
Wayward - Alexandra (Hammer Remix Master)
Lord of the Isles - Plasma Nomad
Lord of the Isles - Three 2BU

Trikk - Mundo Ritual part II

Arguably one of the hottest producers at this moment on the underground music scene, Lossless and Innervisions favorite, Trikk is back with a sequel of his Mundo Ritual mix. As his production style, this mix is rich in percussions and groove. The perfect opener by Joakim set the vibe for the whole mix that kept our attention till the end. An astonishing sequel for the mix that we enjoyed listening months ago. Tribal 2.0 in its best.

Sandrino b2b Lehar - at Gardens of Dreams, Sarajevo 07.15.17

When two gentlemen like Sandrino and Lehar join up for b2b session in a beautiful setting of History Museum in Sarajevo, the final product sounds like this. It’s a powerful yet beautiful voyage that never seems to shift into lower gear with the tracks that defined summer like &me’s Rapture or Jimi Jules’ remix of Henrik Schwarz as well as some new upcoming dancefloor bombs.

Zombies in Miami - Live at Boiler Room Berlin

Last months Correspondant’s take over of Boiler Room was such a musical journey. For sure one of the highlights of the night was a live set by the Mexican duo Zombies in Miami, who are slowly but surely making an impact on the international electronic music scene. Their style perfectly fits into Correspondant family, it’s dark, with rock and pop synth influences but also very dancefloor friendly.  We are looking forward to hearing more from this super talented duo!

Phunkadelica - Mixato Intergalactico

Mysterious artist from Sicily, Phunkadelica, turned some heads with his debut EP – Intergalactico that gained support from Dixon, Marvin & Guy, Man Power just to name few. Phunkadelica is back with a very interesting mix that he made for Berlin based Lodown Magazine. Synth heavy, 80’s sound like cosmic voyage is the best way to describe this mix. We are looking forward hearing what’s more coming from mysterious Sicilian.

Jennifer Cardini - Boiler Room Berlin DJ set

Correspondant label had a Boiler Room Berlin take over in July where we had an opportunity to hear Man Power, Zombies in Miami, Javi Redondo and of course label boss Jennifer Cardini behind the decks. Jennifer’s hour is filled with her recognizable ‘indie’ and synth rich style, with tracks by Marvin & Guy, Fango, Margot and others.

MUUI - Paranoid Grooves 35

We’ve been following MUUI for some time now, and he keeps impressing us with his complex productions and DJ talent. In our humble opinion he’s one the most talented producer in progressive house genre, and together with Crossfrontier Audio boss Marc Poppcke steering progressive house into very interesting direction. MUUI’s Paranoid Grooves series are often 90min+ mixes that always have a story to tell, which is selling point for us. The latest Paranoid Grooves mix is a quite a ride, starting on a darker side with tracks by Marc Pinol, Davis and LOR, the mix slowly opens up into tour de force uplifting progressive house. For progy lovers this mix will be a real treat.

Rory Gallagher - ID
Tom Demac - It Never Rains
Margot - Moderno - Marc Pinol Acid Remix
Cleveland - KYOTO
Davis - Plenitude
LOR & Vails - Lustral - Vails Hexagonal Dub
Sonic Future - Esquinas
Facundo Mohrr & Valdovinos - Trust
MUUI - Aurora Tears
Bona Fide - Amirale
Blondes - Quality of Life
MUUI - Chance
GHEIST - Rufos
Argoman - Chimicalissimo - Black Spuma Remix
Petar Dundov, Henry Saiz - Infinite Promises
MUUI - Ale
Madloch - Sagacity
Cid Inc. - Arcane Thoughts
Jos & Eli - Seventies
Oscar aka Donato Dozzy, Carola Pisaturo - BB
Tom Dicicco - Particle Fever - John Osborn Remix
Nhar - Blue Flame
Roger Martinez - Force
Jeremy Olander, Cristoph - Last Dance
Enzo Elia Presents - Drifting
MUUI - Domino Effect
Esteble - Feathers
MGMT - Electric Feel - MUUI Edit