Best New Mixes from December

December brought us many 'End of Year' mixes from artists that we enjoyed listening in 2017. In this list you'll find mixes perfect for chilling at home, browsing the web, subway rides and of course true party mixes. Mixes are listed in no particular order.

Lucca Bacchetti - Winter Podcast

Luca Bacchetti and his Endless record label had a quite successful 2017. Releases from Ripperton, Zopelar, Davis, Musumeci & Lehar, Pablo Bolivar just to name the few established Endless records as a very respectable label. For his ‘Winter Podcast’ - annual mix that Luca releases at the end of the year, Luca delivered a beautiful mix that is not a club mix but a magnificent downtempo voyage that will warm you up during the cold winter days. 

The Drifter - A Beatless Drift

Incredibly talented artist and maeve co-founder, The Drifter showed us his new and fabulous music side. His last mix is a wonderful ambient escapade exclusively made for British music platform ’Shock World Service’. ‘A Beatless Drift’ is your perfect Monday soundtrack.

Joakim - Best of Music You Can Dance To in 2017

December is the month when many DJ’s post their “Year End mixes’ and this one is truly special since it’s coming from one of the best tastemakers, Joakim. 2.5hrs of handpicked Joakim’s gems is super exciting voyage. Expect to go ‘woah’ many times during this mix and to learn a lot from it! Essential listening. 

Marvin & Guy - Beats in Space #915

The marvelous Italian duo Marvin & Guy never disappoint with their infectious synth-rich and 80’s like style. We are happy to host them on January 12th at the House of Yes, where they gonna play alongside our residents Joe Foxton, Steve Graham and Gilles Wasserman. This is an exclusive mix for infamous Beats in Space radio hosted by our fellow NY-er Tim Sweeney. It was recorded a month ago when Marvin & Guy paid visit to our lovely city. Come by House of Yes on January 12th and feel the magic energy this duo create when performing

Perel - Trax 251

One of the newcomers that made a breakthrough in 2017 is for sure talented German artist Perel. Perel’s ‘Die Dimension’ EP released via mighty DFA Records gained support from many DJ’s around the world and was arguably one of the biggest hits in 2017. An exclusive mix for Trax Magazine that Perel made in December showcases her DJ style. It’s a perfect blend of deep house and electro, the style that for sure is taking over the dance floors around the world.

Nuno Dos Santos - Yearmix 2017

SoHaSo head honcho, Nuno Dos Santos is one of the DJ’s with the broadest spectrum of music played. When it comes to delivering a quality mix few can stand by Nuno. For his ‘year mix’ Nuno picked electro style which is making a comeback in recent months and will do it even more in 2018. Few words from Nuno himself about the mix: ‘I have happily continued the tradition of making a yearmix. Its simply impossible to put all my favourite tracks in one hour so as every year I included some of my favs as well as tracks I rediscovered throughout the year. More electro vibes are making a return which I used as a theme for the mix.’

Lux - Dekmantel Radio Show

Lux is super talented DJ from Leipzig that caught our attention a year or so ago with her uncompromising style of DJing. Whether it’s a club or a radio show, Lux stays true to her style, which is a blend of dub techno and break beat. Her latest mix for Dekmantel Radio at Red Light Radio is no exception. Masterful track selection makes this mix truly exceptional.

CMD Q - TT Podcast #007

Leipzig based artist CMD Q, slowly but surely has become a usual suspect here at Fiction Lab. We truly enjoy listening to his take on hypnotic techno. CMD Q’s mixes always distinguish themselves from the sea of other techno mixes with twists and turns and unexpected turns. The latest mix is exclusive for Russian music platform Techtroit, and once again CMD Q takes us for an interesting techno voyage, made of hypnotic rhythms and melancholic melodies.

Upsammy - Noisey Eindejaarsmix

Super talented Dutch artist Upsammy is back on our list with yet another gorgeous mixtape. Upsammy’s ‘Year Mix’ is a magnificent blend of trippy break beat, acid, and hypnotic techno.

Ateq & DJ Dustin - Teder.FM radio show

Online radio from Tel Aviv Teder.FM hosted two members of Giegling crew earlier in December. Ateq and DJ Dustin delivered a magnificent deep, dub techno mix. For all fans of infamous German label, this is a must listen. 

Konstantin - Shadows

A few weeks ago, many Giegling fans were delighted when they saw new mix poping up from one the label head honchos and one part of Kettenkarussel, Konstantin. The mix is in recognizable Giegling style, minimal dub techno at it’s finest. It’s a perfect blend of old gems like Ricardo Villalobos - What You Say Is More Than I Can Say or Swayzak - Another Way and some unreleased Giegling diamonds that we listened at the parties last year. 

Black Spuma - ODDCAST 13

Lauer & Fabrizio Mammarella are masterminds behind a fantastic project called Black Spuma. The duo that has several releases on the Ibiza-based label ‘International Feel’ made an exclusive mix for our friends in Brazil, mighty promoting brand ODD and their ODDcast. The mix is true party maker, positive vibes throughout the mix make it very pleasant to listen and to go back to it over and over.

Quarion - at Deep Depot 10.13.2017

Not that often we have an opportunity to listen to live recordings from one of our favorite producers, Quarion. Quarion’s style, both in productions and while djing, always pushes the boundaries and keeps listeners attention until the end. This is the recording from Quarion’s set for Deep Depot at Das Lokal in Wroclaw. It’s almost 3hr voyage through a classic house, deep house, techno and everything in between. 

SBTH - Eiffel Tower

Ahead of the Lossless showcase in Paris, masterminds behind popular German label Lossless, Mathias Schober and Thomas Herb aka SBTH made an exclusive mix for French music platform Melodic Diggers. Twisted groovy deep house mix spiced up with beautiful percussions with tracks by Pional, Rebolledo, The Drifter, Mattheis and Mathias Schober himself. 

Gilles Wasserman - DHA #332

A few weeks ago one of our founders and residents, Gilles Wasserman made a mix for infamous Dutch music platform, Deep House Amsterdam. Gilles took this chance to present the style he plays out the most. The mix is in a ‘party mode’, groovy and trippy. It doesn’t necessarily stay in the same groove but rather changes gears throughout the mix. 

Tunnelvisions - Keinemusik Radio Show

After exciting releases on Dutch label Atomnation, Amsterdam based duo Tunnelvisions put themselves on the map of the underground electronic music scene. Their latest mix for Keinemusik radio show came like a cherry on the top for what was a very successful year. The mix is percussion driven with a very positive vibe. It’ll put a smile on your face for sure> We’re looking forward to hearing what’s new coming from this duo in 2018. 

Ingo Sanger - December 2017

Ingo Sanger is a German veteran DJ who’s been part of the underground electronic music scene in Germany for more than 2 decades. He runs a label Farside records and together with Henry L releases music that is mostly influenced by classic Detroit and German house. Ingo also produces music with Herb LF as a Westpark Unit duo. Years spent working on German radio stations allowed Ingo to take the art of making mixes to perfection. His mixes have very nice and pleasant flow highlighting what’s new at the moment on the underground music scene. This mix is no exception. Enjoy the 2hrs of groovy, deep and captivating house music.

Far Out Radio Systems - SoHaSo Podcast 027

SoHaSo podcast series continues with an impressive list of artists who make phenomenal mixtapes. This time they welcome Thomas Neyens aka Far Out Radio Systems or better known as Kiani & his legion, a super talented artist from Belgium, for sure one of our favorites at this moment. For this mix Thomas went into more Detroit techno style. Upbeat techno mix that can easily be played at the prime time at some club. 

Inland - DSH#067

Techno serving for this month’s list comes from incredibly talented UK artist Inland aka Ed Davenport. his Exclusive mix for Deep Space Helsinki is real tour de force techno that will rock your world for 2hrs. Be ready to party and crank this one up! 

Yotam Avni - Muting The Noise 015

In the light of his recent release on Innervisions, Israeli producer Yotam Avni, made an exclusive mix for infamous Muting The Noise series. True club-ready mix that shows its real face straight from the beginning and in uncompromising style keeps listener off its chair and dancing. If you need a soundtrack for your next friends gathering, crank this powerful techno mix up.