Dorisburg & Efraim Kent - Tecken EP

by Zach Huenink

If you haven’t familiarized yourself yet with the work of Alexander Berg aka Dorisburg aka one half of Genius of Time, then I highly suggest you put aside an hour and dive through his discogs page. With releases on Aniara, Running Back, and Hivern Discs to name a few, Alexander has a track record that won’t disappoint. His latest foray is a collaboration with Efraim Kent called the ‘Tecken EP’. The release is off a Moroccan based label, Tikita and includes three tracks named appropriately, Tecken I, II, and III.

Tecken I

The main theme among all the tracks in this EP is a deep groove. All of them trend towards the minimal side of things, with a tribal infused drumline bringing it all together. Tecken I being a great example of this with whistles, bleeps, and a haunting melody that develops slowly throughout the entirety of the song.

Tecken II

If melody is more your thing then the second track in the EP should be right up your alley. Repeating throughout, Alexander and Efraim have an upbeat take with bird calls, and more tribal percussion providing a solid base.

Tecken III

My favorite from the bunch, this track includes everything I’d want in a song. A subtle melody, looping drum sections, and a great vibe that builds, and builds, and builds. The perfect tool for any dj looking set a tribal or sophisticated vibe.