Best New Mixes from September 2018

by Gilles Wasserman

The list of mixes we enjoyed to most in September features sets by some of our favorite DJs like Cleveland, The Drifter, Lux and Birds ov Paradise just to tingle your imagination. You’ll find everything from ambient to IDM to dub techn, break beat and everything in between.

Daniel Avery - Visible Gravity

In our monthly lists we always feature several ambient and downtempo mixes, because we think they are an integral part of daily music listening and essential part of calming down after the night out. It’s wonderful to discover ‘other’ sides of some artists. This applies to phenomenal Daniel Avery who we usually associate with intricate and edgy peak time club music. A few weeks ago XLR8R posted Avery’s 46min ambient work which artist made like a month ago ahead of his US tour with Jon Hopkins. This is the first beatless and ambient piece of work from incredible UK artist and we hope there will be more to come. This is simply wonderful.

Nathan Jonson - Raining, Reading, Thinking and Dreaming

Canadian composer and producer Nathan Jonson has been producing a wonderful ambient and electronica music for several years. His work has found a home in labels like Maeve, 20:20 Vision and Lo Bit Landscapes to name few. a few weeks ago Nathan posted this magnificent ambient mix that is a true masterpiece. This is what Nathan Jonson said about the mix: For the last 6 months, while on the road (in one way or another) I compiled and stitched together this ambient mixtape. Partly in an attempt to battle the noise and chaos of travel, and equally for a love for calmness. It has morphed from something I made for myself to induce a kind of relaxed focus, into a mix I feel is worthy of sharing with you. Whether it’s something that sets a mood for a book or a daydream out a rainy window, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and it can color your life as it has mine.

The Drifter - Cast Adrift 09

For September edition of Cast Adrift, The Drifter presents lots of new stuff that saw the light of the day during the month of September, since this is always the busiest time of the years for releases after summer slow down. New compilations from Studio Barnhaus and Correspondant bring us tons of good music and some of them are featured here, as well as new tracks by John Talabot, Marcus Worgull, Man Power, Mattheis, and LOR just to name few.

Birds ov Paradise - Page 23

When it comes to deep tribal techno, not many do it like Swedes. We are great fans and supporters of Dorisburg and Aniara records, but if you dig deeper, you’ll find many more incredibly talented artists and labels that do a fantastic job. One of those labels is Hypnus Records. Their discography goes 4-5 years back and it features artists like Luigi Tozzi, Primal Code, Feral and the latest addition to their family is one of our favorite producers of late - Birds Ov Paradise. 
Hypnus records have their podcast series called The Memoir, where they invite artists to make a mix made of exclusively their own tracks. We couldn’t ask for a better mix than their latest one. Birds Ov Paradise ahead of his release on Hypnus made a deep, dark tribal music escapade. It’s a fantastic hypnotic music journey that has gone straight into our ‘the best of’ folder.

Asquith - Rinse FM, Lobster Theremin

In the last couple of years Lobster Theremin has become one of the labels that we always go to for something new and fresh, and looking forward to each new release. Their palette of music styles is broad but always on point. From ambient to drum & bass and everything in between, but with an accent on quality. Jimmy Asquith or Asquith for short is the head lobster and the man who makes all this LT magic possible. He’s also an incredibly talented producer himself and has been releasing music under Tom Hang moniker as well as Asquith and one-third of Chicago Floating Device. Asquith's latest radio show on infamous Rinse FM is a great reference what to expect on the underground music scene and Lobster Theremin in next couple of years. You can hear several tracks from the upcoming LT 5 years compilation that is scheduled for December as well as many other upcoming jewels.

Cleveland - Horst 2018

The master of the intricate and trippy house, Cleveland keeps pushing the bar higher and higher with each new mix he puts online. Don’t expect to hear your regular 1hr podcast, prepare yourself to be taken for a ride. Cleveland’s fresh and unique style puts him shoulder to shoulder with biggest music diggers in the underground music scene.

Lux - ZeeZout 083

We are always in the mood to hear something new from incredibly talented DJ from Leipzig, Lux. Her new mix for Amsterdam based ZeeZout podcast series is such a powerful blend of house, breakbeat, acid, and techno that keeps dynamic and uplifting vibe throughout it.

Konduku & Oberman - Renascence invite Nous’klaer

French record label Renascence invited Rotterdam crew - Nous’klaer to their latest radio show which broadcasts on popular Rinse FM radio. Nous’klaer is for sure one of our favorite labels and for this time we had a chance to listen the label boss Oberman and the artist who released a fantastic debut LP earlier this year on this Rotterdam imprint, Konduku. The first hour of the mix is courtesy of Konduku, and as we got used on listening to his stuff lately, it’s a top-notch trippy deep techno, with organic drums and broken beats that keep things unique and intricate. In the second hour, Oberman slowly picks up the energy but stays on the same trajectory of trippy broken beats. It’s a perfect contrast to what Konduku played before him but still true to Nous’klaer style. This mix is like Ying and Yang of Nous’klaer style, it’s so good. If you want to hear what’s new and fresh in underground music, then you’re in the right place, just press play. 

Jonbjorn - Hypnotic Groove Mix #125

Lagaffe Tales head honcho, Jonbjorn has been on our radar for some time now. His amazing productions found homes in labels such as Neo Violence, FALK and D.K.O Records. Besides that Jonbjorn is very talented DJ. His latest mix for Scottish Hypnotic Groove label and podcast is pure fire. If you feel down, or need a boost of positive and energetic vibes then do not hesitate to press play. Upbeat techno and breakbeat in its finest.

Sevensol - Kannmix 24

This month’s KANN dosage comes from Sevensol and it’s in a form of a wonderful ambient mix that he performed at the infamous Nachtdigital Festival. Clear your schedule, make yourself comfy and press play. It works 100%.

Samsa - Kommune Podcast #24

In May this year we had a pleasure of hosting incredibly talented German artist Samsa at one of our parties. His unique eclectic style got crowd dancing long into after hours on a Saturday morning/afternoon. A few weeks ago Samsa made a fantastic podcast for one of our new favorite podcast series, Amsterdam based - Kommune. This time we have dark tour de force techno served by multi talented artist from Munich. Astonishing mix from start to finish.

Pional - DHA mix #393

A phenomenal Spanish producer and Hivern Discs associate Pional was one of the artists who took over the infamous DHA podcast series in September. Pional’s music often has that ‘feel good’ aftertaste, so does this mix. When the mix opens up with one of our favorite tracks in the last few years Lost Scripts - S.O.P, it can’t be bad :). Expect tunes by Mattheis, Marcelo Giordani, Lion’s Drums and Pional himself just to name few.

Lawrence Le Doux - Dekmantel podcast 196

The Belgian living legend, Lawrence Le Doux has a music career that is quite remarkable. It’s very hard to pin down Lawrence to a specific genre, but whichever excursion into different genres he made it was authentic and true to his style. From ambient to industrial to dub to techno, Lawrence le Doux covered it all. Just like in this mix, which connects ‘unconnectable’, Lawrence proves that if you have deep knowledge and an understanding of the music you can take the listener to quite a ride without having wtf moment. Pure class.

Ata - Beats in Space #955

A few weeks ago, a fantastic crew from arguably one of the best clubs in the world - Robert Johnson visited NYC. Representing RJ were one of its owners Ata and Lauer, who played b2b at Analog club. Ata’s visit to NYC couldn’t pass without him playing on Tim Sweeney’s BIS. One of the great music diggers delivered very nice, warm and pitch down set with some usual suspects like Red Axes, Marvin & Guy, The Golden Filter just to name few. This mix will go great with your next car ride during the sunny days.

Hue - Rupert Selects 010

Our man Zach Huenink aka Hue is back with another fabulous mix. The mix he made for us is still on rotation, and not long after we’ve got another gem from this super talented Brooklyn based DJ. This time Hue introduces his ‘minimal’ side to us. As we are getting used to it with his mixtapes, immaculate blending and storytelling are becoming a trademark of his (not bad at all :)). Uplifting minimal techno for your late nights by Hue.

Vril - Dekmantel podcast 197

One of the most consistent techno artists on the underground music scene, the artist that was affiliated most often with mighty German powerhouse Giegling, and lately with labels like Delsyn and Dystopian, the one and only Vril keeps pushing boundaries in the dub techno genre. He stuck with his own take on dub techno and has been evolving it in his own way of keeping it interesting and never dull. Vril’s latest mix for Dekamntel podcast series is a perfect example of Vril’s style, slowly unfolding from dubby, warm techno to straight up, peak time techno and everything connected with trippy details that give to whole set a special touch.

Zopelar - Slam radio #313

Techno wizard from Sao Paolo, In Their Feelings co-founder, Pedro Zopelar or just Zopelar for short, has been on a constant rise in the last couple of years. Ever since we heard his Hamato EP in 2015 (it was our intro to him but he released music before that), Zopelar hasn’t stopped to amaze us with his talent in the studio and on stage. He played many great clubs around the world including mighty Panorama Bar and Blitz as well as Dekmantel and DGTL festivals. His latest podcast is for legendary Scottish duo Slam and their Slam radio. This mix is pure tour de force, upbeat uplifting techno in its best.

Jennifer Cardini - DHA mix #399

Correspondant label boss, legendary Jennifer Cardini is making all the right moves, both with her record label and her own music career. She’s been playing regularly at the best nightclubs and festival around the world, and Correspondant has nurtured its style over the years as a label that doesn’t hesitate to take a risk with some not so conventional 4x4 releases. The best example what is Correspondant all about is Jennifer’s latest mix for DHA. Nu-wave, synth house all the way.

Naveen G - Live at The Ambient Dream Machine 08.11.18

Our dear friend, Cityfox resident DJ, Naveen G presented us a new side of his with the latest mix that he uploaded a few weeks ago. It was recorded live at The Ambient Dream Machine stage at Bang On! festival. This is what Naveen says about this magnificent set: The empty grain silo was a great respite from the usual madness of a full-on festival, and having a space such as this is an underutilized resource during these longer parties. had a chance to explore lots of field recordings and samples that I've been collecting over the years as well as some of my favorite pieces, drifting into some IDM and dub. next time, I'll probably feel more comfortable bringing some guitar pedals and a small eurorack for fun.

Tom Trago presents Bergen Live

If you managed to miss one of our favorite albums this year, Tom Trago’s Bergen, this is the perfect opportunity to catch up. Trago’s live performance of Bergen at Dekmantel Festival is here. Amazing live take on Bergen. Great listening.