Meditation Tunnel - Glittering Jewel [Life and Death]

Meditation Tunnel aka Luke Jenner from The Rapture releases an incredible EP on the notorious Life And Death record label on October 5th.
“Glittering Jewel” is Luke's third EP as Meditation Tunnel.

Glittering Jewel
This track truly speaks to what Life And Death has been about since day one. Pushing boundaries to dance music, which all of its fans adore. Throughout the EP you can witness the iconic vocals that represent Mediation Tunnel, but on Glitter Jewel, you can truly understand the vision that the artist wants to showcase with his art.

Fire Fly
Ah, what can I say. A true fan of gated vocals from day one. This track speaks to those looking for a more internal relationship with their music. A mellow and groovy bassline keeping you on your tiptoes.

Fire Fly (Red Axes remix)
With a hypnotic start and a synthesized core, Red Axes comes in with this remix with the desire to keep the party banging. As the track progresses, an acid sound is born keeping the track interactive on the dance floor. A different vibe than the original. Both gold, both worth in every DJ’s inventory.

Silent Son
Industrial techno meets experimental white noise. This is one of those tracks that you get a head rush the first time you hear.