PREMIERE: Eversines - Verwar [De Lichting]

by Jelena Drenjakovic

After making quite a splash with the exquisitely crafted debut double album titled Één, the newly formed Dutch collective De Lichting is back for their second release named Twee - four carefully curated sides of vinyl covering a broad scale of the electronic spectrum from ambient to house, techno and more experimental forms. De Lichting is a project formed at the intersection of three key underground labels from Amsterdam namely Yield Records, Native Response and Working Titles with seven artists contributing to a genuinely sensitive and pure sound.

On the A-Side Eversines serves up a hypnotic rhythm over a balmy fog of atonal pads drifting by like a wisp of smoke dust. When you listen to the impact of the bending selection of both percussion and drum work that eventually turn into a polyrhythmic breakbeat, it’s like a thunderbolt from heaven. Remove one pattern at the wrong time and Verwar loses its intricacy; if not for the constant twinkle and slow crawl of atonal pads in the background, this cut wouldn't get you so thoroughly buzzed.

Anything that breaks from the norm and finds its own groove can surely only be a good thing, and when it comes to lack the aggression that characterizes so much of the genre, sticking instead to a kind of inky, yet sepia-toned sound that is amongst the most absorbing of album-oriented techno, you know you hit that ‘flabbergasted’ moment.

'De Lichting - Twee' will be released on November 30th