PREMIERE: Birds Ov Paradise - Wild Growth [Hypnus Records]

by Slav Ka

"What's in a name?" asked Shakespeare a few centuries back. "That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet," continued the poet. Well, when one listens to Birds Ov Paradise, the answer to old Willie's classic question is actually "Everything". It's rare to hear an artist with such clarity of vision and singularity of purpose; it's even more precious to have the artist's moniker almost define that vision. Pick any track from Birds Ov Paradise and you'll hear birds in it. No, not a happy bird chirping in the background, but a litany of reverberated, occasionally rhythmic and occasionally chaotic percussive whispers, pokes, ticks and tacks, that indeed sound like a fluttering of wings. Sometimes those sounds resemble a flock of birds happily flying around a park on a sunny day; sometimes the birds are creating a menacing sense of tension straight out of Hitchcock, and sometimes the sounds channel somber darkness of ravens circling an old oak tree in a dark forest in the gray of twilight.
"Wild Growth" leans towards the light rather than darkness. And with it's stronger sense of melodic purpose and benign ambiance, it sounds more like an early morning of what will turn out to be a sunny day, with minimalistic "birds" ambiance providing a sense ease and hope rather than gloom that's prevalent on many other tracks from the artist.
It's another gem in the artist's library and clearly an original in a landscape overflowing with too many derivative producers.

Savannah EP is coming out on November 23rd via Hypnus Records