PREMIERE: His Master's Voice - Oma [KANN]

by Irina Kotik

Leipzig-based KANN Records may celebrate a lot of jubilees this year. Celebrating a decade of music with a label showcase tour and a magnificent 15 track “Family Horror X” compilation, KANN’s kaleidoscopic musical journey through 2018 culminates with another gorgeous mini compilation.

Deliciously titled “Banana Split”, it’s an impressive sonic display of well-crafted gems featuring exclusive originals by the label co-founder map.ache and other immensity talented artists such as Falke, DJ Assam and His Master’s Voice.

Faithful to KANN’s aesthetic credo of dance-floor techno hypnotism and striking intelligence, the German artist Jaines Bomt, also known as His Master’s Voice, makes an outstanding contribution to the compilation with a colorful “Oma”. From start to finish, it captures the listener and takes them on the imaginative journey through lush, multifaceted sonic landscapes filled with blissful melancholy and nostalgic chill wave. Reminiscent to Boards Of Canada and Tycho, the whole composition is driven along by a dreamy, spacey harmonies and dynamic layers of fuzzy guitars that meld together organically with a great sense of groove. “Oma” is a beautiful continuation of quality and an elegant extension to KANN’s sophisticated sound palette.

va - Banana Split will be out on Friday, November 23 via KANN