VIDEO PREMIERE: Ruede Hagelstein and Amin Fallaha - Aton [Duat Folklore]

by Joe Foxton

Next on the Berlin-based brainchild label of Ruede Hagelstein and Amin Fallaha, DUAT FOLKLORE records, is a stadium-sized barnstormer by the founders themselves. In keeping with the dark, pitched-down techno vibes of the label, the track's mighty descending lead sends chills underpinned by a stark rhythm and breathy sample that breathes humanity into it's ominous vibe. Half way through the track a choral pad elevates the mood, taking the track to a new level. Aton is a colossal peaktime weapon delivering a dark & heavy onslaught that is sure to be the denouement of many a warehouse set.

Backing the track is an epic video by Pujan Shakupa, replete with shuttle launches, explosions, hurricanes, and asteroids. A fitting representation of the vast scale and explosive power of Aton.

The track is out on DUAT FOLKLORE on December 3